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10 Things My Mother Was Right About

mom advice

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She’s the person who brought you into this world. She’s wise, your confidant and the one person who will always be in your corner no matter what. She’s sometimes your biggest critic (because she knows you so well), but always your biggest fan. She’s the person who has helped shape our lives in so many different ways. She’s got the best mom advice in the world.

For me, my mom is super woman. She picked me up when I’ve been down , and she knows me so well. Too well sometimes! She’s always encouraged me to go further and push harder. Even though we now live on different continents and I see her maybe once a year, I know she is always just a phone call away. So mom, if you ever read this I just want to say thank you for everything. And yes, although I was always cheeky and gave you a very hard time, I secretly knew that you were mostly right.

After all these years there are many things that mom was spot on about. But for now, here are 10.

Be Kind

I am so thankful that my mom always taught me to be kind.  Kindness to me is one of the most important attributes that a person can posses. Treating everyone equally  should be practiced by all. Thank you mom for teaching me to be kind to people of all walks of life. The smallest gesture such as smiling at a person or holding the door open for someone might just make their day.  It costs absolutely nothing and actually makes you feel pretty good too.

Never Give Up

This is probably the biggest piece of mom advice I got.  She still actually says this to me today. There have been many times in life where I could have just given up. Thankfully mom instilled in me that whatever I do, never give up.  And of course she was/ is so right. I recall that when I was 8 years old I did ballet. I was doing my ballet exam on a huge stage, when all of a sudden I froze. I forgot my dance! I left the stage and went backstage and cried. My mom then asked me if I wanted to go back out and do the dance again. At first I wasn’t sure, but then with some encouragement from my mom I mustered up the courage and went out and completed the whole dance perfectly. Did I score well, I have no idea, but what I do remember to this day is how proud I felt of myself at that moment.

If I had given up 2 years ago when I started my first blog, then The Mod Maven would not exist and I would not be where I am today.

Stand Up For Yourself & Know Your Worth

I’ve always been quietly confident and known my worth. My mom always taught me to stand up for what I believe is right no matter the situation. Without of course being obnoxious and over-bearing.  Learning that these are two very important things in life have helped me a geat deal as a teenager and an adult.  I stood up for myself and others as a teenager at high school when girls were being catty. I went to an all girls high school. > Insert eye-rolling. <

As an adult these factors have come in to play many a time. I broke up with a boyfriend because he wasn’t treating me well and I knew that I was worth and deserved so much more. When working and negotiating contracts and salaries for jobs I have been able to get the desired salary I wanted because I knew my worth and was willing to stand up for myself.

Bring A Sweater

An utter nuisance as a teenager, but a godsend I soon came to realise as I got older. I feel the cold very quickly, and to this day I still will have a sweater or blanket scarf on hand just in case. It’s made life easier, and me so much happier.

The Not So Real Friend

In high school I was best friends with this girl. We even lived together at university. We were similar and had similar interests so I thought. But my mom saw through this and even said whilst I was still in high school that I would not be friends with this person for ever. This angered me as this was my BFF! But needless to say, we got to university and, well, life happened. Today we are no longer friends and mom called it years ago. By the way, friend, I wish you well in whatever it is you are doing in life now.

Save For A Rainy Day

Saving is definitely not my forte. Girl likes to shop! Picture this: I have a whole folder on my phone dedicated to shopping. I even have an album in my gallery devoted to “items to purchase.” That being said, you can imagine how difficult I find it to save.

I did however take heed of this advice, and it saved my ass. I was moving over seas and I got a job far quicker than anticipated with an earlier starting date. If I didn’t have a “rainy day savings” stash then I would not have been able to take the job.

Don’t Bleach Your Hair

Boy oh boy if only I had listened to this advice. I bleached my hair only once, but that was enough and my hair is still recovering so to speak. It was something that I had always wanted to try, so I don’t regret that. I regret that my hair never quite got back to my lustrous locks. I’m still working on that and it’s been over a year now.

Manners Are Important

Manners are so important. They were drilled into me as a kid. And today as an adult I am so grateful that they were.  A basic “please”, “thank you” or “excuse me”, as well as table manners go a very long way.

I can’t tell you how a persons’ lack of manners work on my nerves. My perception of a person changes when I see them lacking in manners.  And being mindful and respectful of everyone is really important too.

Look After Yourself

When my mother told me to look after myself when I was younger, I didn’t quite fully understand what she meant. As an adult, I totally get it and she’s spot on. Now if I’m sick, I take medicine. I exercise and eat healthily. I always remove my makeup after a days work to look after my skin. By taking care of myself in all aspects of being, physically, mentally and emotionally I lead a better life.

I have also realised that unless I take care of myself, I will be uable to take care of others.

You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To

Were there ever any realer words spoken?  Of course mom  was right here too. I’ve been through some pretty tough situations before. Especially where goals seamed so large and unachievable that they would never be realised. There was a situation where I had left a job and I had to catch a train with all my luggage ( I was in a foreign country) to another province. Due to language barriers I didn’t understand that I had in fact bought  a ticket to stand for 19 hours. Not a seat. I didn’t quite realise this until I boarded the train. I was the only foreigner on the train and it went through tiny villages and towns. I was honestly ready to jump ship( train actually) at any given moment and just head home. Thankfully, I had a good old reasoning with myself and set my mind to it that I would make it through this 19 hour train ride from hell. And then when I got to the other side I would live happily ever after. I did survive the wretched train ride and lived happily ever after.

It’s amazing what we can achieve when we put our minds to it.

Oh and P.S: I only told my mom a week later about the train situation and standing for 19 hours. She was very angry with me for going through with that, but very proud too!

What lessons did you learn from your mom? Share them below. 

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