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Ted Talks You Need To Hear Right Now


TED is a nonprofit organisation committed to delivering powerful, insightful and thought provoking short talks. These talks are delivered by an array of speakers globally and cover a broad spectrum of topics. As a Mod Maven, below are 5 talks that you need to hear right now.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Luvvie Ajayi

Luvvie Ajayi is a breath of fresh air. She speaks her mind and is not afraid to do say. She says that “ Your Silence serves no one.” She’s a writer, a activist and a self-proclaimed trouble-maker. This TED talk is great for those that want to learn to garner the courage to speak up for themselves. Something we should all be doing and should not be afraid of doing either.

Why We All Need To Practice Emotional First Aid

Guy Winch

Psychologist Guy Winch explores a sector of self care which we are all guilty of ignoring. The issue being abused is that of psychological health. He is accurate in stating that we are constantly seeking to improve and safeguard our physical health, but constantly allow or psychological health and its necessities to fall by the wayside. It isn’t a case of choosing either or, but rather it is vital to focus and meet the needs of all our physical and psychological needs.

Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are

Amy Cuddy

We are all aware of and often fret about what other people may think of us. But have you ever considered that body language plays a very important role in how others perceive you? In addition, it may also change how we see ourselves. Psychologist Amy Cuddy explores further.

The Secret To Living Longer May Be Your Social Life

Susan Pinker

Apparently our lifestyles weigh heavily on our life expectancy. With genes only contributing 25% to life expectancy, 75% is contributed by our lifestyles. Pinker explains that  social isolation is the public health risk of our time. In todays times we are constantly busy and have “less” time to form lasting relationships. By the sounds of it this could be to our detriment. Susan Pinker explores further.

The Power Of Introverts

Susan Cain

In todays society we are expected to be outgoing, loud and ultra ” chatty Cathy’s.” Otherwise we’re boring right? Wrong. There is a place for introverts. Susan Cain explores further.

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