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The Mod Maven’s 2018 Travel Bucket List

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Having seen all these amazing photographs and travel stories in 2017, I am itching to go on another adventure. The bucket list seems to be expanding in a rapid manner, and I just hope I will be able to tick some of these amazing destinations off of my list next year.  From Iceland to India, the list spans from one side of the world to the other. So get your bags packed and get ready to travel in 2018 because here is The Mod Maven’s 2018 Travel Bucket list.

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Iceland has been on my forever bucket list. Do you have one of those too? They places you add to your bucket list on a yearly basis but just never get to check them off. Well, Iceland is that place for me. I am determined to check it off this year though. The magical Northern lights, a nature lovers paradise and utterly breath-taking.

Source: Unlocking Kiki

Source: Getty Images via Lonely Planet 

Source: K is For Kani

The Adventurists

I’m a girly girl who loves make-up and fashion, but I’m also a dare devil. See thats what I like about being a modern woman. You don’t have to be segmented and boxed into a certain category. Being a Mod Maven means being multi-faceted and diverse.

The Adventurists is an adventure company run by some pretty crazy, yet amazing guys.  The crazier the concept the better for them. Some races/ adventures they offer include the Rickshaw Run in India, The Ice Run in Siberia and the Mongal Rally across Mongolia. These are but to name a few. They seem totally impossible and scary, yet that intrigues me and would love to venture to one of their destinations. I think I’ll definitely participate in a team though.

Now I know this one’s definitely not for everyone, but I’m really intrigued by it and want to give it a go.

Source:  The Adventurists

Source: The Adventurists 

Explore The Temples Of Angkor

Cambodia looks like heaven on earth. The temple of Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s most preserved and beloved temple. It has been a place of worship since the 12th Century. Cambodia and more specifically the temple of Angkor Wat look like a place that I would get lost in for hours!

Source: Telegraph

Marrakech, Morocco

After all this time I don’t know how I haven’t made it to Marrakech, Morocco yet.  Dubbed as the Moroccan  jewel of the south, streets are lined with amazing mouth-watering foods, bazaars and souks and beautiful architecture. It’s a sensory exploration and I can’t wait to try delicious foods.

Source: Business Insider

Source: Independent 

Desert Camping

There’s something about camping in the desert. It may be the lights, the camels or the sense of nature and beauty that you will experience. Ideally I would want to start with a desert exploration. Perhaps a camel ride or 4×4 ‘ing. Whatever it is, count me in! After some research I am glad to report that this is not regular camping. It’s more like glamping. Thank goodness because I don’t really enjoy regular camping.

Source: Sassy Mama


I absolutely love winter. Strange I know. Who likes being cold? Well firstly I love the fashion, secondly I can’t get enough snow. So I think would be a great place to spend some time in winter. I think I would like to try some sledding whilst there.

Source: Volganga

Source: Rusmania 

Rovos Rail- Namibia

The Rovos Rail is one of the most beautiful and luxurious train rides in the world. They offer a variety of different routes, but I would opt to go on the Cape Town Journey. Starting in Pretoria, South Africa the train meanders through some exquisite scenery of the Karoo and then eventually arriving in Cape Town.

I think that to travel by train, especially in luxury is quite an experience.  Accommodation is comfortable and meals are served on-board.

Source: Rovos Rail

Source: Rovos Rail

Zip lining In The Swiss Alps

Infamous for their chocolate, and beautiful scenery, who would have thought that you could go zip lining in Switzerland?! This look amazing.  Although typically people head to the Swiss Alps for skiing, you can now be a thrill-seeker and go zip lining.

Ubud Swing, Bali

Bali, thanks to Eat,Prey Love has been on my bucket list since the movie first came out. Thank you Julia Roberts. Bali with its lush wilderness, beauty and plethora of fresh fruit and vegetables looks like somewhere I cold stay for an extended period of time. When I first saw all these amazing photographs of people soaring on a swing well above lush landscapes, I was hooked.

Source:Backpacker Story

Cappadocia, Turkey

Photographs from Cappadocia, Turkey seem to resemble something from a far away land.  All those pictures filled with hot air balloons? Yup, that’s Cappadocia.  It’s meant to be a real experience. The city and the hot air balloons I mean. Apparently you should also spend more than one day here. I don’t think that will be too difficult to do.

Source: Salt in our Hair 

Source: Salt in our Hair

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

By no means is the Great Barrier Reef a new sight to see in 2018. Nonetheless it has always been something that I would like to see. Ideally I would like to visit in the summer time so that I can take full advantage of the amazing beaches on offer too.

Source: Pop Sugar

So there you have The Mod Maven’s Ultimate bucket list for 2018. There are still so many amazing places to see and experience, but realistically speaking they’ll have to wait for 2019.

Have I missed any amazing places that need to be on the list? What’s on  your list?