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Crazy- Amazing Uses For Vaseline

vaseline uses

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Vaseline is an absolute godsend and who knew that it had so many uses too. This miracle-worker of a product dates back to 1985 when Robert Chesebrough patented the petroleum jelly formula. It was originally created to heal dry skin.

But since its creation, the uses for this thick jelly substance have become tenfold. From skincare and moisturising, to applying an amazing makeup highlight, to preventing diaper rash. Some people even use Vaseline to prevent battery corrosion. Who would have thought? The Mod Maven has gathered 18 amazing uses for Vaseline.

Facial Moisturiser

The most obvious use for Vaseline is as a facial moisturiser. You would think that it would clog your pores. But no, it won’t. Vaseline is non-comedogenic. It is best applied at night as it may take a while to be absorbed. Not a look you want to rock during the day

Makes Perfume Last Longer

Applying some Vaseline to your pulse points before applying perfume will make the scent last longer. That is because moisturised skin holds scent better.

Source: Getty via Inside The Life Of  A Makeup Artist

Create Luminous Skin

Definitely the cheapest highlighter available. Simply swap your highlighter for a touch of Vaseline.  Apply on your cheek bones, brow bones and a dab on your nose for a dewy look.

Source: The Fashion Spot 

Make A DIY Scrub

For silky smooth skin make your own scrub. Simply add some sea salt and you are good to go. This scrub can be used on your lips and body.

Tame Your Hair

Is there anything more annoying than untamed, unruly hair? Use a touch of Vaseline to smooth split ends and tame fly-aways .

Source: Mapped Out Blog

Prevent Dye Staining

Apply Vaseline to your hairline before dying your hair at home. This will prevent the dye staining your skin.

Source: Hello Giggles

Get A Perfect Manicure

Use an earbud/ Q-tip to apply Vaseline along your cuticles. This will not only moisturise, but also aid in achieving a perfect manicure despite enthusiastic application.

Source: Unsplash

Achieve The Perfect Tan

Applying tanner at home can be somewhat tricky at times. No one wants to end up looking like a piebald! Use Vaseline on dry spots before applying the self-tanner. This will moisturise these areas ( usually the knees, ankles and elbows). These areas would otherwise appear darker than the rest of your body.

Source: Premium Beauty News

Lash Love

The eyelashes are the last thing you think to moisturise. But applying a bit of Vaseline daily to your lashes will help to moisturise and strengthen them.  It’s said that Vaseline can help them to grow too! If you’re struggling to to get rid of the glue left behind from your falsies, then Vaseline can help with this too.

Source: Hello Giggles 

Upgrade Eyeshadows

No need to go buy new  cream shadows of your favourite eyeshadows. Simply mix in some Vaseline and you have a brand new cream eyeshadow.

Source: Pretty Beautiful

Remove Makeup Stains From Clothes

Use a damp cloth and some Vaseline to remove makeup stains from your clothes. Use it to remove stains form pillows and sheets too.

Easily Open Nail Polish Bottles

Nail polish bottles can be a little tricky to open at times. Apply a little bit of Vaseline to the edge of the thread after you have used it. This can be used on all jars!

Source: Beauty Candy Loves 

Insert Earrings Easily

Earrings can at times be stubborn and difficult to insert. Especially when you don not wear them that often. Apply a bit of Vaseline to the holes as well as the earring before inserting the earring.

Source: Wild Amor

Shoe Shiner

Shine your shoes, scuffed boots or other leather product with Vaseline.

Source: Asos

Heal Athletes Foot

Vaseline will cure athletes foot by suffocating the fungus.

Prevent Nappy/ Diaper Rash

There are many go-to creams for preventing diaper rash. If you’ve run out of those, try using Vaseline.

Source: @missbethanykate_

Sooth Chapped Hands

Apply to the back of your hands and the affected area.

Source: Klon Blog

Maintain Your Razor

Maintain your razor by applying a thin layer of Vaseline in between uses. Ensure that the razor is dry first before applying Vaseline in order to avoid rust.

Source: Ouishave

Do you know of any other amazing uses for Vaseline?