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50 Amazing DIY Gifts For Everyone On Your List

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Easy and amazing Christmas DIY gifts you say? Is there such a thing?!Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner?! It’s crazy to think that this year is almost over. We’re at that period of time now before Christmas where a not-so-mild panic happens because you either haven’t found the perfect Christmas gift for someone, or you have but it’s just too expensive.I got a little enthusiastic whilst writing this post. So yes there are 50 Amazing DIY Christmas gifts that will be suitable for everyone on your list. There’s something really special to me about receiving a hand made gift. The fact that someone really put a lot of thought and effort into the gift makes it that much more special.

I don’t know about you, but I certainly have a few favourites of hand-made gifts that I have received over the years. Well into adulthood my grandmother still knitted me a scarf and hat on an annual basis. Bless her, those items definitely came in use. My all-time favourite item is one that my mum made. She’s so good at sewing and making things. I must have been about 7 or 8, and I remember living in a halter-neck dress that my mum made. I wore it so much and absolutely adored it. I still have it today, and I must say that it was trendy back then, but today too. Obviously it no longer fits, but I will be hanging on to it for keepsake.

This is quite a long post, so why not Pin it if you don’t have time to read it now.

Enough story time for now though, do you have a favourite handmade gift that you have received? 

Here are 50 Easy and Amazing Christmas DIY gifts:

  1.  DIY Chunky Blanket from The Budget Decorator 

2. DIY Bath Bombs from Inspired by Charm

3.  Caramel Latte Tea Cup Candle from Simply Stacie

4.  DIY Lavender Body Butter from Soap Deli News

5. Gold Animal Ring Dish from Taylor Bradford

6. DIY Woven Leather Basket from Hello Glow

7. DIY Copper & Wood Serving Board from Always Rooney

8. DIY Clay Hanging Air Plant Holders from Squirrelly Minds

9. DIY Mini Serving Boards from Sugar & Cloth

10.  Everyday Shoulder Bag from We Can Make Anything 

11. DIY Honeycomb Tile Vase from Always Rooney

12.  DIY Leather Bookmark from HomeyOhMy

13. DIY Cactus Jewellery Stand from Pneumatic Addict

14. DIY Summer Bag from The Lovely Drawer 

15.  DIY Lip Balm from Paper & Stitch 

16. DIY Tassel Earrings from  A Pair & A Spare 

17. DIY Bug Patch Boots from Honestly WTF

18. DIY Lanterns from Paper & Stitch 

19. DIY Linen Eye Mask from A Pair & A Spare

20. DIY Embroidered Photo Book from Honestly WTF

21. DIY Gold Geometric Earrings from A Beautiful Mess

22.  DIY Neon Sign from Honestly WTF

23. DIY Coffee Gift Box from A Pair & A Spare

24. DIY Triangle Leather Pouch from Almost Makes Perfect

Whilst You’re Busy With DIY Gifts, Don’t Forget That You Can Make Amazing Gift Wrapping Too!

25. DIY Spiced Nuts from Honestly WTF 

26. DIY Trunk to Rolling Bar from DIY Projects 

27. DIY Painted Rope Basket from Honestly WTF

28. DIY Infused Olive Oils from Just Putzing Around The Kitchen

29. DIY Slogan T-Shirt from Made Up Style 

30. DIY Abstract Umbrella from Sugar & Cloth

31. DIY Coffee Scrub from A Pumpkin & A Princess

32. Home Made Ginger Biscuits from Made Up Style 

33. DIY Pen Pot Covers from Fall For DIY

34. Wireline Cloud Light from Heart Handmade UK

35. DIY Fringed Mirror from Sugar & Cloth

36. DIY Gold Animal Topped Jars from Bang On Style 

37.  DIY Bento Bag from Sweet KM

38. DIY Fluffy Stool from Bang On Style 

39. DIY Speckled Clay Keychain from Sugar & Cloth

40. DIY Hand Stitched Pouf from A Beautiful Mess

41. DIY Lace Sling Tote from A Pair & A Spare

42. DIY Gold Succulent Concrete Planters from Bang On Style 

43. DIY Gym Bag from A Beautiful Mess 

44. DIY Keychain & Holder from ALT

45. DIY Wooden Cube Lamp from Oh Oh Blog

46. DIY Round Beach Towel from A Beautiful Mess 

47. DIY Foliage Sign from Oh Oh Blog 

48. DIY Concrete Ring Cones from DIY In PDX

49. DIY Camera Bag from DIY In PDX

50. DIY Glass-Like Photo Display from Creating With Bec

So there you have 50 amazing DIY gifts. I hope that this helps you and that you are able to give the perfect gift.

Once you have the perfect gift, the next step is to gift wrap it. 


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