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Why You Need To Be Using Natural Deodorant

































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When it comes to any form of natural product, I find that many people are initially very hesitant to try them.  Now natural deodorant, this is a big one. No doubt that we rely on deodorant heavily, because you know, B.O is not exactly attractive.  As with brushing our teeth, it’s something we do on a daily basis. Besides helping you not reeking and being a hot stinking mess, have you ever considered that your chemical-filled deodorant that you so heavily rely on, could be doing you more harm than good. But with many advantages, the pit-falls ( pun intended) , may actually outweigh the benefits. You can end up perspiring more and it can cause skin irritations. But not to fret, natural deodorant can help with these issues. Below is a list of why and how you can switch to natural deodorant.

You Need To Sweat

Firstly, you need to sweat and there’s no getting around that. It’s actually good for your health.  Sure embarrassing to be caught off-guard in a stinking sweaty mess, but totally natural. When I go to the gym, I sweat, I don’t perspire. Absolutely soaking drenched. Not very attractive, but oh well. Sweating is essential as it regulates the body’s temperature as well as aids in releasing toxins from the body.

Anti- perspirants do exactly what their name suggests. They inhibit the ability for the sweat to be released naturally.  This is caused by the aluminium salt. This is really the main ingredient that blocks your pores. Therefore not allowing you to sweat properly. The chemicals and toxins in the deodorant are dangerous.

Sweat is in fact a combination of water and salt, so this is not actually what causes the odour. The odour occurs when the sweat comes into contact with the natural body bacteria found on our skin. Natural deodorant is the answer to this problem.

Why are Anti-perspirants and deodorants bad?

Deodorants and anti-perspirants have been known to cause an array of irritations to the skin. Due to fact that they cause the pores to clog, this in turn can cause the sweat to build up underneath the skin. Usually this results in irritated and bumpy skin that can be painful at times. Especially when shaving, so do be careful.

Have you ever found that your deodorant is not working and that you actually are sweating more?Seems strange, but true. Yes, deodorant can in fact make you perspire more. Good bacteria is produced, and the body finds it difficult to deal with the bad bacteria. Hence making you smell worse. What about those yellow stains on your clothing? This is caused from an acidic reaction between the fabric and the aluminium compounds in the deodorant.

Why Natural Deodorant Is Better

Not only will natural deodorant not block your pores, but it also has other attributes. With the pores not being blocked by the aluminium, the good bacteria is able to thrive. Hence resulting in less odour when sweating and even when not.  With less chemicals being applied to your armpits,  you can expect  longer lasting shave. And you can bid farewell to those horrid yellow stains on your clothing.

Which Natural Deodorant To Use

It must be noted that every person is different, meaning that what works for one person will not work for another.  Many people have said that they have tried one natural deodorant or  and it did not work. They should try another, as there will definitely be one that works best for you.  Having used chemical-laden deodorants up until this point, you will need to give your pits time to detoxify.  During this detoxifying period the chemicals will not mix well with the main component of many natural deodorants. That being baking soda.  You can either go like the cave woman did, au natural, but quite frankly I don’t think thats an option for many people. I wouldn’t want to subject people to that. So what I would opt to do for a couple of days is dab on some essential oils such as thyme or lavender, as well as tea tree oil and coconut.  Try wear clothing that will not irritate your arm pits.  Try these brands below.

Primal Pit Paste 








Captain Blankenship 











Schmidts Naturals 








Sedge and Bee 










Have you transitioned to a natural deodorant or are considering it? Let me know below.

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