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The Best Boozy Drinks For Weight Loss


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Blessed holidays. A time of the year when you can really start feeling like a bit of an alcoholic.  No judgement trust me, but with all the parties it’s a bit difficult to avoid alcohol. Plus you’re still kind of trying to diet, so it’s even more difficult and frustrating.  So instead, why not try make better decisions when ordering your next drink.

One thing to note that when ordering drinks, is that most shots of alcohol are very similar nutritionally, but the biggest difference is the mixer.  So while enjoying yourself and opting for the healthier options remember three things.One. Keep it simple. If you can have a whiskey on the rocks with a fresh squeeze of lime. Perfect. Two. Say no to frozen drinks. Laden with sugar and syrup these are a no-no for the waistline. Three. Try to avoid drinks that are mixed with more than one alcohol. And finally, alcohol dehydrates you. So be sure to keep drinking water throughout the night to stay hydrated. This will aid in feeling a bit better the next day too. Because hangovers just get worse with age right!?I’ve curated a list of the best drinks ( not just vodka soda’s) to drink this festive season. They’re lower in calories but still delicious.  So stop feeling guilty and enjoy and be merry.



Both red and white wine have their advantages. While white wine is slightly lower in calories, red wine is higher in antioxidants. A typical serving of a 5 ounce glass will yield between 100-120 calories.  The best wine to drink? Vermouth.  This is a fortified wine with a higher alcohol content. Having it on its own as it is served in Europe, will definitely save you some calories. A 1.5 ounce serving contains only 64 calories. But don’t mix it into your martini, as you will be upping the calories significantly.

Source: Popsugar 


Vodka, Rum, Gin, Whiskey

Straight alcohol, or spirits on the rocks, are your best bet when trying to consume fewer calories from alcohol. That being said, those options aren’t always to your liking, so here are the best combinations of spirits and a mixer for better taste.


A Gin & tonic is the worst option. Make like 007 and opt for a gin martini.

 Source: Yuppie Chef


The best option is a vodka soda. The worst is a Sex on the beach. This drink is filled with sugar.


Source: The Bourbon Blog

Whiskey/ Scotch:

A whiskey sour is to be avoided as the syrup contributes way too much sugar. Your best bet is a classic martini.


Source: Marla Meredith


Avoid Pina Colada’s like you would “getting caught in the rain.” Rather stick to a diet coke and rum.


Great if you have it on its own as a shot. If that not your thing then stay away from the margarita. Rather go for the grapefruit pink drink. The paloma.



Source: Recently The Blog 



And one thing ladies, try and avoid those cocktails! I hope that this helps you make healthier choices when next at the bar. Do you have a favourite drink?




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