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15 Hacks For Losing Weight Without Going On A Diet

weight loss hacks

Right, so I was aimlessly scrolling through Instagram and looking on in awe at all the fitspo accounts, and  I got a little bit depressed. It’s not difficult to understand why. These woman have ultimate body goals! But then I reminded myself that they have been training for a long time and that they work incredibly hard to achieve their bodies. There is no such thing as a quick fix. If you aren’t particularly into working out then that is fine too because there are ways to lose weight even if you are feeling a bit on the lazy side. Hey, no judging. I’m currently feeling rather lazy myself too. Here are 15 hacks that will help you to lose weight without going on a diet or having to go to the gym! Yup, you read that correctly.  Small steps that you can take daily to help you reach your goals.

Drink Lemon Water

Water is key to health so you should be consuming a fair amount everyday regardless. Not to mention that it plays a vital role in weight loss. Add lemon juice to your water to up the benefits. Not only will your water taste great, but lemons aid in detoxifying the body. Additionally lemons will help to speed up your metabolism.

Drink Green Tea

There’s a reason ( a few actually)  health gurus advocate the daily consumption of green tea. It is high in antioxidants and will boost your metabolism.  These are but to name a few.

Eat Off Smaller Plates

When trying to lose weight, your portion sizes are very important. The bigger the plate or bowl, the more food you will consume. So opt for smaller plates, like a side plate. Research also suggests that eating off smaller brightly coloured plates will help you to lose weight.

Source: @asierromero

If You Don’t Buy It You Won’t Eat It

Easier said than done at times, but if you don’t stock it in your house then you can’t eat it. Steer clear of the central aisle at the supermarket. This is the danger zone filled with sugar, oils and processed junk. Shop along the perimeter for healthy and fresh options.

Drink Water Before Meals

Have you ever been so hungry that you literally thought you could eat your arm? Well, next time try drinking some water. Sometimes you think you may be hungry when in fact you are just thirsty. Also drink water before meals. This will fill you up a bit and aid in digestion.

Eat With No Distractions

You are less aware of what you are consuming when you are multitasking and distracted. Ensure that you sit at a table without the tv on and without being glued to your cellphone. By practicing mindful eating you will not over eat and you will be more aware of your body and when you are full.

Eat More Vegetables

I know not everyone is a fan of vegetables, but we do need them in our diet in order to remain healthy. For those who state that they don’t like the taste, there is a solution. Vegetables by nature are pretty tasteless, so adding them to smoothies and other dishes is a great way to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. Here are some great smoothie recipes to try now.

Source: Amelie Tauziede

Eat Before You Shop

Shopping on an empty stomach or whilst hungry is the worst decision possible. Not only will you struggle to focus, but you will more than likely make bad food choices. So have a light meal or ensure that you are not hungry when grocery shopping.

Pack Lunch After Dinner

Pack tomorrows lunch after you’ve eaten tonights dinner. As you are fully satisfied from your dinner you are likely to pack a lighter lunch lower in calories.

Eat Fibre At Lunch

Be sure to fill up on fibre rich foods at lunch time. Think broccoli and pears. The fibre will keep you full for longer and help you to beat those late afternoon cravings.

Eat At A Window

Studies have shown that if you eat your meals at a window, whether it be at home or on a restaurant, you are more likely to eat healthier.

Source: @deliciouslyella

Eat A Smaller Dinner

Eating large meals at night is not good for you. For one your body  is supposed to restore itself at night whilst you are sleeping. But if you eat a late and large dinner then instead of focussing on restoring itself, your body will be busy digesting your dinner. You are not burning a great deal of calories whilst sleeping so this large meal at dinner could hamper your efforts to shift the pounds.

Eat A Mint

Once you have finished eating, pop a mint. This will have the same effect as brushing your teeth and you will be less liekly to continue eating.

Wear A Waistband

Don’t wear sweat pants and loose and comfortable clothing whilst eating. Wear pants with a waistband. This will help you to feel when you have had enough to eat.

Choose A Single Indulgence

Don’t give yourself an entire cheat day as you will over-indulge and find it difficult to continue eating healthily the next day. Rather give yourself a single indulgence once in a while. Instead of having wine and a dessert at a special occasion, have either or.


I hope that these hacks will help you to shed the pounds without dieting and going to the gym. They are so simple yet so effective. Do you have any  weight-loss hacks that you have found work? Please let me know.


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