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10 Exercises To Tighten And Shape Your Arms

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The arms are often the last part of the body that we focus on. They’re kind of an after thought really. We place so much focus on getting a toned stomach and lean legs, but neglect our arms. It’s a shame really. Toned strong arms will give you so much more confidence.You’ll want to show your arms off in sleeveless dresses and tops. Luckily in order to achieve lean sexy arms you don’t have to slog away for hours on end at the gym. You can achieve amazing results from the comfort of your home. So here are 10 arm exercises to tighten and shape your arms. 

Bent Over Dumbbell Rows

Stand with your feet hip width apart and slightly bend your knees. Push your hips backwards. Bend forward so that your torso is almost parallel with the ground. Holding the dumbbells, hang your arms out in front of you. Now bend your elbows and pull the weights up ensuring that your shoulder blades remain taught. Slowly lower your arms down to the starting position.

Source: Womens Health

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Overhead Tricep Extensions

Grab a single heavy dumbbell and lift it above your head. Now bend your elbows lowering the weight and then slowly return to the starting position. You will really feel your triceps on this one. Ensure that you move slowly in order to really activate the muscles.


Source: Womens Health

Push Ups

Get down into a push-up position. Ensure that your weight is over you shoulders. Now bend your elbows and lower your body to the floor. If this is too difficult then modify by placing your knees on the floor instead of your feet.

Tricep Push Back

Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart and your knees slightly bent. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and place your arms next to your body. Ensure that your palms are facing backwards. Now slowly move your arms backwards to about 2 feet. Then return to the starting point. Do 20 at a time and try aim for 3 sets. You can increase the dumbbell weight in order to make it more challenging.

Source: Fitness Magazine 

Pilates Boxing

This one is great for pilates or yoga enthusiasts. Stand with your feet  hip-width apart and bend forward from your waist. Raise your fists to your shoulders and keep your elbows bent. Now box your right hand forward ensuring you engage your abs. Now return to the centre and repeat with the other arm. Repeat 20 per side. View the video here.

Deck Press

Swimmers have great arms. If your not fond of swimming or can’t thats fine too. You don’t need to swim endless laps to get toned arms.You can do the deck press. Here’s how:  Stand in the shallow end of the pool and place your hands on the ledge with elbows bent. Press your arms straight to lift yourself up so you are hanging. Ensure that you focus on using your arms and that you are not jumping off the bottom of the pool.

Plank With A Plate

Planks are great strength builders. To take it up a notch use a paper plate. Place it under one hand whilst remaining in good plank form. Now move your hand on the plate 10 times in a circular clockwise rotation and then 10 anti-clockwise. Repeat on the other side.

Source: Shape


Use two dumbbells and hang them at your side. Slightly bend your knees and engage your core. Curl the dumbbells up to shoulder height, turn them out and then straighten them all the way up so that they are above your head. Bring them back to the starting position in a controlled movement.  Do 3 sets of 15 reps each.


Source: Cosmopolitan 

Bent Over Reverse Fly

Bend your knees and bend over from the waist. Hold the dumbbells out on your side and move them outwards in a flying motion until your arms form a straight line. In a controlled motion bring the dumbbells back in a controlled motion and repeat.

Source: Cosmopolitan 

Diamond Leg Pushups

Start by kneeling on the floor in a  modified pushup position with your knees turned outwards. You feet must be pressed together and your arms shoulder width apart. Engage your core and bend your elbows into your side. Lower your body to the ground stopping a couple of centimetres above the ground. Push yourself back up.


Source: Shape 


I hope that these exercises help you to tone up your arms. Let me know if you have a favourite or any other exercises that are great.




  • Thomas

    Good post. Will have to share this post with my wife.

  • Some of these looked quite easy but the plank with plate sounds and looks so tough – planks are hard enough, haha!

    • The Mod Maven

      Hi Mica

      Yes planks and any variation thereof are difficult as heck! They’re definitely not my favourite.

      Have a great day!

      May-The Mod Maven

  • Those Diamond Leg Pushups look killer! I have never heard of them before!!

    • The Mod Maven

      Hi Susan

      They really are difficult,but a great variation. Let me know if you try them.

      Have a great day!

      May-The Mod Maven

  • All of these are super great. Can’t wait to give them a try!

    • The Mod Maven

      Hey Jen

      They’re great at -home workouts. Let me know if you find a favourite exercise!

      Have a great day!

      May-The Mod Maven

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