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10 Vision Board Hacks To Keep You Motivated

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I don’t know about you, but I am completely a visual person. Instagram over Twitter anyone? I can’t stand staring at visually unappealing documents. Thats why I have found that a vision board is really my go to when creating and visualising goals. A vision board is a board that has pictures of what you want your life to look like. So basically it is a visual goal board. This could be anything from the travel goals you have to you weight goals, or a mindset and way of thinking you would like to adopt.

There are so many options when it comes to vision boards that it can sometimes be quite overwhelming initially. What I love about vision boards is that it allows me to be creative and keeps me motivated to achieve my goals.  In order to help you create an amazing board I have gathered and tried the best vision board hacks that will keep you motivated and blazing through 2018.

Print Out Your Goals

It’s okay if you’re not the most talented when it comes to drawing. Instead of illustrating your goals simply print out your images.  This may be from a conventional printer or from a portable phone printer like the one below. The great thing about the internet is that you can find anything you are looking for. So you will definitely be able to find images whether it be for travel, fitness or any other goals you may have.

Source:Tell Love And Party

Use A Cork Board

I personally love using a cork board. For one I can re-use. A cork board is great for those boards that are more of a short-term goal. For example an up-coming holiday. All you need is a cork board, your images and pins. You can add all sorts of things such as texture, but I’ll talk about that in a bit. A cork board is also portable so you can place it anywhere in your house where it will best serve as a reminder.

Use Texture

In order to make the board as visually appealing as possible, its important to mix things up a bit. Think about adding texture in the form of fabric scraps, ribbon, pins, paperclips or even pegs. I personally love using textured paper.  Let your creativity run.

Source: Juxtapoz

Clip From Magazines

Magazines are a great source of inspiration. I remember always cutting images out from magazines for projects when I was at school. Play with cutting the images out in an interesting way or using shaped scissors ( you know the ones with wavy or zigzag blades, those are perfect).

Source: Apartment 34

Use Bunting

I like to use bunting to visually attract my eye to the board. It stands out and is a real eye catcher. This way I am reminded of my goals on a continual basis.

Use Unusual Surfaces

Your vision board does not necessarily have to be on a board per se. Think out of the box and create your vision board on your fridge or on a black board. The sky really is the limit here. For me the fridge is always a great one. Especially if I have a specific goal like losing weight.  By placing my vision board on the fridge I’m am constantly reminded about my weight-loss goals and will think twice before devouring something that will not aid me in achieving that goal.


Overlap Overlap Overlap

Whilst beautifully placed images can look amazing, it can look a bit rigid sometimes. Overlapping really gives the board a creative flair and you will be able to fit more images on your board this way too. So don’t be scared to overlap, place images at an angle or even hang it from the board. This is your board so there are no right or wrongs here.

Use Wire

If you’re going for a minimalistic approach then a wire board is a good option. Additionally they are really cheap and add a great aesthetic to a room.

Use Quotes

Quotes are great reminders and inspiration for achieving goals.  The best place to find quotes is Pinterest.  Below is one of my favourite quotes and it is always a great reminder when I look over my vision board.

Source: From Roses


Ever spent hours on the phone and by the end of the phone call you’ve doodled loads of little images. Why not add them to your vision board and personalise it more. Its a great way to fill your board and there are no specific skills required to doodle.


I feel that everyone should have a vision board. Either one or many. Whether for travel goals or weight-loss and health goals, vision boards can really be helpful in aiding you to achieve your goal.  Using these 10 vision board hacks  will definitely make your board more visually appealing and the process a whole lot more fun!

These are just some hacks that I have found useful. Do you have any vision board hacks or tips? I wold love to know. So please email me or comment down below.


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