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10 Styling Hacks Fashion Bloggers Swear By

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Fashion bloggers are some of the most fashionable woman on the planet. They are invited to endless parties and events and sit front row at many fashion shows. They are paid to collaborate with major brands such as LV, Chloe, Gucci and many many more. They have amassed large cult -like followings on their social media and they are in the know when it comes to fashion. They’re daring, fashion front-runners and ever so stylish at all times.

Scrolling through Instagram on a daily basis we are flooded with these chic woman and it somewhat seems like an unattainable dream. Sure, not everyone can be a fashion blogger, but everyone can emulate their style. You don’t have to be a fashion blogger to be stylish and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Keep on reading to see the hacks that fashion bloggers swear by.


Confidence is probably the most important if not THE most important aspect of being a fashion blogger. They’re in the public eye constantly and they themselves are their brand. Therefore they need to exude confidence even if they aren’t feeling so confident at the moment. Fashion bloggers wear what they want and their personal style makes them who they are. So forget about being self-conscious and wear your clothes with pride and confidence. You’ll feel so much better when you stop caring about what people think.

” People Care Far More About Themselves And Aren’t Focussing On You. They’re Wondering What Other People Are Thinking Of Them.”

Source: The Street Pie 

Fancy Footwear

Ever been too scared to try those fancy or daring shoes? Don’t be. Fashion bloggers love daring shoes and wear them with confidence. Honestly the sky is the limit. Pair sneakers with dresses or wear those over-embellished shoes.


Source: Pinterest 

Source: Fashion Me Now 

Source: The Street Pie

Arm Candy

Stack ’em high! Don’t shy away from stacking bangles and necklaces or wearing large statement earrings. I have seen all fashion bloggers doing this and they will never just wear a watch and studs. If you’re wearing a regular outfit then add a little, or a lot, of emphasis and spruce up your look with statement bangles, rings or earrings.

Source: PopSugar

Source: The Clck

Effortless Hairstyles

Their hair is always on point but it looks like it didn’t require much effort. Yes please. No elaborate hairstyles that take hours to do. Think loose natural curls, waves or a messy bun.  The goal is to look like it didn’t require much effort. Do what works best for you and whats most comfortable.

Source: The Edit

Source: Who What Wear

Clashing Prints

Outfits don’t have to be all put together and co-ordinated. Fashion bloggers have shown that clashing prints and wearing items that wouldn’t normally be worn together do actually work. Just have a look below for some ideas. Bloggers are style innovators so get inventive with your wardrobe. It comes down to confidence again. If you like the way that it looks then don’t worry about what others think. It may be difficult at first, but adopting this mentality will go a long way.

Source: The Little Magpie 

Source: Who What Wear 

Off The Shoulder Jackets

This instantly ups the chic factor. Simply take whatever jacket you want to wear and drape it over your shoulders. That’s it. DONE. This is a great way to wear jackets that don’t always look as flattering on, but look great with the outfit.

Source: Haute Off The Rack

Statement Sunglasses

After much snooping on Instagram, I have realised that sunglasses really are the key piece that bring an outfit together and give that fashion blogger look. The bolder the better. If you want to look chic and achieve the fashion-blogger look then get yourself a rad pair of sunnies. Chic running errands and at the coffee shop…yes!

Source: Vogue 

Source: Pinterest 

Bold Bags

To get the fashion blogger look its all about the accessories. They do not need to be expensive, but you do need a statement handbag. Day to day many of us opt to use that same handbag as its just easier than transferring contents everyday. But on special occasions or date nights why not wear a special bag.

Source: Pinterest 

Source: Etsy

Neat Nails

Sorry no half-chewed, chipped or blotchy nails is a big no- no. You have to be photo ready at all times. Not only that, but having your nails done is a sure way to make you feel more confident and put -together. If you can’t go to the salon, then paint your nails yourself at home. What I have noted is that fashion bloggers don’t have super long talons adorned with jewels or over the top nails. They generally opt for chic yet simple nails.


Source: Traum-E


Source: Blue Dreams Revisited 


Hats,hats, hats. Say goodbye to bad hair days by covering up with a hat. Hats are the perfect accessory to add to an outfit. The panama hat is always a classic or you can try the conductor hat thats currently trending. Either way, hats are great because they can be worn in every season. To get that extra chic factor, wear your sunnies at the same time.

Source: Where Did You Get That

Source: Sheer Luxe  

I hope that you have found these hacks useful. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve fashion blogger style. Let me know what your favourite tip is or if you have any of your own.









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  • These are great tips, thanks for sharing! I wish I could pull off hats or some out there print mixes as well as the big fashion bloggers, but it is fun to try different things now and then after seeing them on blogs! 🙂

    Hope you’ve been having a lovely week! Another busy one here, but not as stressful as last week so that’s nice 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

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