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FREE Youtube Channels That Will Whip You Into Shape

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While I must admit that I do enjoy going to the gym, I really do like home workouts too. There are various different platforms that share amazing FREE fitness content. Youtube is the best place to find amazing workouts and easy exercises. There are so many inspirational accounts out there. What’s great about working out following a Youtube channel is that you will save yourself time,money AND you can exercise from the comfort of your own home.

Life can be hectic at times and sometimes you’re just not able to make it to the gym. Besides, why would you want to travel all the way to the gym if you’re just doing a quick 20 minute HIIT workout that could be done at home .No one wants to leave the house when  its early and  freezing outside. Due to all the amazing benefits that free Youtube channels offer, I’ve curated a list of free workouts that will whip you into shape; all from the comfort of your own home.

Get ready to get fit, toned and melt away the fat!


This channel offers great workouts from top trainers in the industry. You’ll find something to suit you as there are many various videos to choose from. Low-key beginner workouts to fat melting high intensity workouts. This is a great channel as its like having your own personal trainer!

See BeFit Chanel here!


This channel offers great workouts to upbeat and motivating music. Blogilates was created by Cassey Ho, a certified trainer. Her workouts focus on specific body parts and the workouts are quick. Most workouts only require a yoga mat. Ho has created a community, and she shares not just workouts but meal and diet suggestions too.

See Blogilates here!

Pop Sugar Fitness

If you prefer a certain type of exercise then its very likely that this channel offers it. With everything from tabata, hiit, yoga, pilates to aerobics and more you will find what you are looking for. Lead by celebrity trainers. These upbeat workouts are great. Have a look at Class FitSugar. It is a  do-it-along-with-us real-time workout show hosted by Anna Renderer .These classes will cover some of the most talked about fitness trends, including bar method, Victoria Secret Workouts and much more.

See Pop Sugar Fitness here!

Love Sweat Fitness

This is a great channel if you’re looking for some light exercises. Some workouts are as short as 5 minutes! There are longer workouts too don’t worry! The creator has shed 45 pounds herself and she aims to inspire others on their fitness journey.

See Love Sweat Fitness here!

Fitness Blender

Created by a husband and wife team, their workouts are great for couples, friends or if you’re exercising alone. Basically, there is something for everyone. They have over 500 free workouts on their channel. You are able to choose specific workouts based on time, difficulty, muscle group or with or without equipment.  Distractions are kept at bay with workouts having a white background and no music. You are also able to see how many calories you burned in a workout. Pretty cool!

See Fitness Blender here!

Yoga With Adriene

If you’re into yoga then you should try this channel. Adriene focuses on looking at health from all spheres and not just through workouts. Here you will find workouts for different things happening in your life. For example there is a workout to “calm your nerves”, “yoga for a rainy day” or even “yoga for head & heart reset.” You will be left feeling refreshed and calm after a session.

See Yoga with Adriene here!

Tone It Up

Founded by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. They have amassed a large following and have built a community where they share recipes, inspiration and workouts. They are upbeat and motivational and it definitely helps that many of their workouts are performed on the beach. Meaning you get a great backdrop whilst working out! The workouts focus on various body parts such as abs, arms, core ,legs and hiit.

See Tone It Up here! 

Rebecca- Louise

Rebecca is accompanied by her adorable dog Alphie. She offers short but intense workouts. Each workout focuses on a specific body part. The exercises may be short, but they are intense and you will feel the burn! She also offers recipes and healthy eating advice.

See Rebecca – Louise here!

Body Rock

If your goal is to lose fat then this is a great channel for you. It has many hiit workouts which are great for burning fat and boosting your metabolism. These workouts can be done anywhere and this channel is your 24 hour fitness trainer.

See Body Rock here!


If you like dancing then you’ll love this channel. Clubfitz is an online dance workout. Most of the workouts are live video recordings, so you will feel like you are working out in a group but from the comfort of your home. This is a great workout to do with a friend and is a lot of fun!

See Clubfitz here!

If you’re strapped for cash or simply hate the gym, and their prices then definitely try these Youtube channels to get fit. They’ll keep  you motivated and help you to lose weight whilst working out from the comfort of your own home.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions. I would love to hear from you.

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