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12 Clever Fashion Hacks That Will Help You Save Money

Featured image: The Viva Luxury

I think that it is in a women’s nature to always care about her appearance and want to look good and be stylish. That being said, as Mod Mavens we are all constantly busy, and quite frankly sometimes the budget just won’t stretch for the latest fashion labels. We’ve all had our fair share of fashion emergencies….laddered stockings anyone? I love fashion, so much so that by trade I am actually a fashion designer.  But I must say that I do love a good fashion hack and think that its vital that every woman have a few in her arsenal.

To help you be ultimate Mod Mavens ( she who can achieve and do anything and everything) I have curated a list of the best fashion hacks that will help you be stylish, allow your garments to work better for you and that ultimately will save you some cash! Here are the 12 clever fashion hacks that will help you save money. 

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De-Pill Your Clothing Using A Razor

Have you ever worn your favourite cardigan so much that it ended up all bally and sad looking? It’s happened far too often to me. Instead of parting with your beloved cardi, use a new razor to run over the pills (little balls). Then take sticky tape and remove the pills. Its as easy as that. The cheap disposable razors work really well by the way.

De-Wrinkle Your Collar… Without An Iron

Yes you read that correctly. Instead of going through the laborious task of getting and setting up the iron, use your hair iron. Just be sure that you do not leave it on the fabric too long otherwise you’ll damage the fabric. This is a great hack for when you are short on time but know that you can’t leave the house looking like orphan Annie with a wrinkled collar.

Use Shaving Foam To Remove Make-up Stains

Foundation can be a real pain in the neck when it stains your clothes! Especially when the garments are white or light coloured. This hack sounds a little crazy, but bare with me. All you have to do to remove make-up stains from clothing is to slather shaving foam onto the stained area, rub in and leave for 10 minutes. Then wash the garment normally.

Widen Shoes By Filling Them With Water

Yes really. Having tight shoes especially near your little toe is rather painful! Fill your shoes with water and then place them in the freezer overnight. They will then fit perfectly.

Use Vaseline To Unstick A Zipper

Rub vaseline on the zip and then you will easily be able to unstick the zipper. It will be able to move with ease after this.

Nail Varnish For Stocking Ladders

This is probably one of my favourite fashion hacks. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gotten a ladder in my stocking as I’m running out the door or during the day. Clear nail varnish will stop the ladder from growing! Simply apply a little to the affected areas and you’re good to go. The nail varnish must be clear though, otherwise you may just look like you’ve got weird patchy legs or a strange rash.

Freeze Your Jeans

I’m sure you’ve heard that washing your jeans too often is actually a  bad thing. Some women honestly never wash their jeans. It sounds gross but hear me out.  Washing jeans fades the denim and they never quite seem to fit just right after a wash. By placing jeans in the freezer you will kill any bacteria and odour.

Shop At Charity Stores

If you hate charity shops then you just haven’t found the right one. Honestly, I have seen some miserable charity shops and I breeze through the shop in under 30 seconds leaving with nothing obviously. The trick when it comes to charity shops is just one very important thing. The shops location! I promise that this makes the world of difference. The key is to visit charity shops that are in affluent areas. Yes rich people donate/ sell their stuff too. You  will be amazed at what you will find.

Use Dry Soap To Soften New Shoes

We all love a  pair of new shoes, but wearing them in can be rather painful at times. Blisters normally form above the heel. So before wearing the shoes for the first time, rub dry soap on the back heel part of the shoe and a little along the sides. This will soften the fabric and allow the shoe to better fit your foot.

Use  A Glue Gun To Hem

If you don’t have the skills or time to hem a garment properly, then grab a glue gun and you’ll have the job done in no time. I do still recommend pinning though as you do not want to be left with an uneven wonky hem.

Get The Distressed Leather Look For Free

If you’re not into the new shiny leather look then get  distressed leather by wearing your jacket in the rain and bad weather. It will age and get a more worn-in vintage look.

Window Cleaner Will Clean Patent Leather

Just spray and wipe.It’s as easy as that.

I hope that these hacks will help you. If you have any hacks of your own or questions I would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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