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7 Items To Remove From Your Resume

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When it comes to writing our resumes, sometimes we need to remember that less is actually more. Whether you are currently looking for a new job, or will be in the future, it is important that you ensure your resume stands out  and impresses the recruiter. Recruiters will at most only spend a few minutes sifting through piles and piles of resumes. So you want to make sure that you are not still using the same format and resume from when you just graduated from university. You want to make sure it is succinct and to the point. What you do not include is just as important as what you do include.  Here are 7 items to remove from your resume.

A Career Objective

Up until now you have more than likely been placing your career objective at the top of your resume.. right? But this is a waste of space. Most career objectives actually have nothing to say. Stating that you are “seeking a challenging position in a growing corporation where you hope to learn and grow as well as make a positive contribution” is not groundbreaking. Its boring! Instead your career objectives should be made clear in your covering letter or you could create a section titled “Who Am I.” Here you can include information that is relative to the job and that will speak directly to the target audience.

Third Person Voice

If you want to annoy and get on the wrong foot with a recruiter right off the bat then speak in the third person. Stating that ” Jane raised more than $ 50 000 for the organisation”, just makes you sound pompous. And no one likes being called pompous. Your name and contact details are at the top of your resume so the recruiter knows who you are and that it is your resume. Instead write in the first person minus the pronouns. Eg: ” Raised more than $ 50 000 for the organisation.”

Weird Interests

Unless your interests could add value to your application, then its best to leave them out. You may find it great that you make slime on the weekends or dress your cat up and post it on Instagram, but its definitely not going to earn you points with the recruiter. If anything they may judge you. So best leave any weird interests off your resume.

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Longwinded Descriptions

Always remember that a recruiters time is precious and therefore you should aim to have your resume neatly and concisely compiled on one page. Anything that pushes it onto a second page should not be included. Be sure to avoid longwinded descriptions as firstly this will take up valuable space, and secondly you are more likely to lose the readers attention. The exact opposite of what you are hoping to achieve with your resume.

Skills That Everyone Has

Today everyone is “proficient in Microsoft Office”, a “team player” and “very organised.” Adding these to your resume are superfluous and will not help you land the much desired interview. Really think of skills that you have mastered that will enable you to apply to the job that you are applying for.

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Emailing From Your Current Employer

It’s just poor form to email from your current job. Unless you own the company it shows that you have been job searching whilst you are meant to be working. Instead use your personal email address. Hotmail and various others are free.  Preferably job search in your own time too.

Your College Results, Internships & Unimportant Jobs

Unless you are a recent college graduate then you should avoid including your college results. This also applies to any other internships or unimportant jobs that you have previously done. Remember that you have limited space and that the recruiter does not want to hear about a two week internship you did 8 years ago. Unless an internship you previously did is paramount for your target audience to know about, then leave it off. Instead include jobs where you achieved something that will be vital for your future role in your career.

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