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Unique Ways To Display Your Photos At Home

Featured image: Homedit

Header image: House Beautiful

I’m all for taking photos, especially family photos. But the trouble is that more often than not they just get left in a folder on my phone or on my Instagram and I forget about them. There’s something special about having family photos in your house on display. It reminds you of times forgotten and great holidays and makes you feel more at home. Here are great ways to display your photos at home.

On The Fridge

A great way to incorporate your photos into your kitchen is to stick them to your fridge.

Source:Sight Unseen

In A Grid

Placing photos in a grid layout is simple but very striking. Use varying sizes so that they all fit into the grid.

Source: Decozilla 

Along The Stairway

The use of an array of different frames, shapes and sizes adds a more interesting way to display photos along the stairs. This is a great location to place your photos as there is so much space and it is often left blank.

Source: Stair Plan 

On The Table

This is a great idea. Especially if placed on a coffee table or your dressing table. A place where you will be able to see your photographs often. You will need a piece of glass to protect and cover the photos.

Source: Pinterest 

Coffee Table Book

Everyone loves a good coffee table book. Why not make it more personal to you and make a coffee table book filled with all of your photos.

Source: The Pink Dream 

On Cushions

Printing images onto fabric has become very popular and is a perfect way to display your photographs in a stylish yet unique way. How cute are these throw cushions?

Source:Martha Stewart

In The Bathroom

The bathroom is not a typical place that you would find photographs. But I think it is a lovely place to display photos. People will often be surprised to see photographs in a bathroom. But why not be happy and reminded of happy times when brushing your teeth!? I once visited a house where the guest bathroom wall was a collage of the family’s travels. From top to bottom varying in all different size photos. It looked amazing!

Source: Fieldstone Hill Design 

Mix & Match Photo Frames

Use frames of varying sizes and colours as well as shapes in order to really make a statement.

Source: Home Life 


Photos don’t always have to be small. In fact enlarging them is a great idea. Especially for the photos that you really love. Placing them in a well lit area and next to other photos of the same size and with the same frames is a brilliant way to tell a story with the photos.

Source: Thrifty Decor Chick

In Glass Bottles

For something a little out of the norm try placing small photos in a glass bottle and then displaying them on the mantle piece.

Source: Homedit

Use Metal Wires

The first thought is to display photos in a photo frame. But why not get creative and use pegs, hooks and some wire to display  your photos.

Source: Poppy Talk 

Display Travel Photos Linked To Location On A Map

I love that these set ups tell a story. Where you’ve travelled to and some memories recorded from those trips.

Source: Family Off Duty

Source: @olivesandpickles

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