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How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe

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More often than not our wardrobe is filled to the brim with clothes. As appealing as this may sound, how many of us actually wear all of our clothes on a regular basis? Getting dressed in the morning can be a nightmare at times. Leaving us feeling anxious and angry because we yet again have “nothing to wear”. As women we are always striving to be fashionable and put together. To take the stress out of deciding on outfits and finding your true style read on to find out how to create a capsule collection. 

What Is A Capsule Collection/ Wardrobe

A capsule collection or wardrobe is the term used to describe a core collection of clothes whereby seasonal staples are added  to complete the collection. The idea behind having a capsule collection is to simplify your life and to really find your true style. How many of us can’t quite describe our personal style if asked to? The trouble with fast fashion is that, yes it is on trend, but the clothes are often poorly made and won’t last a very long time. Have a look in your wardrobe and see if there are any items of clothes that you actually don’t like. I’m sure that you will find many. Creating a capsule wardrobe takes the stress and pressure out of every day dressing and you will have a greater sense of your true style. Jessica Rose Williams created a capsule wardrobe that serves here all year round and consists of just 32 pieces! Yes you read that correctly. It’s basically a collection of clothes that you absolutely love to wear.

Why You Should Have A Capsule Wardrobe

If you are unsure of your own personal  style; would like to simplify your life or would simply like to just try it then a capsule wardrobe is definitely for you. Narrowing down your choices in the morning when getting dressed is liberating and bound to allow for a happy start to the day. On the other hand if you have a bit of a shopping addiction then you will definitely find this a bit of a challenge. But not impossible. I think everyone should try a capsule wardrobe at least once in their lives.

Quality Vs Quantity

Having fewer items doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be stylish.  Over time I have started to realise that quality is so much more important than quantity. I would rather have a few more expensive classic items that are well made and will serve me for many seasons. The thing about having many clothes is that you have too much choice, and inevitably you will always reach for those “old favourites.” Meaning that in a sense you are already in a capsule wardrobe state of mind. The other clothes in your wardrobe are rarely worn and quite frankly, they’re just taking up space. Items that are more expensive initially seem a bit of a indulgent purchase, but the use you will  get out of them far outnumbers the price tag.

How To Start Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

Firstly you need to start with your  wardrobe. Take absolutely all of your clothes out, off the hangers and lay them on your bed. Now sort them into piles. Love and wear regularly , maybe, no and seasonal. This is what you need to think about when sorting through your clothes:

Step 1

  • Love: if you absolutely love the item, wear it regularly and couldn’t imagine not being able to wear it. Then its a keeper.
  • Maybe: This will be the toughest pile for you. If you have not worn the item lately, it doesn’t fit or you aren’t generally wowed when you look at it then it’s a good idea to get rid of it. Be honest with yourself.  Once you have narrowed the pile down even further, place the items in a box to place in storage. If at the end of the season you haven’t rifled through the pile again needing to get one of the items then its time to donate them.
  • No: Having ” I can’t believe I ever bought that and wore it” moments, then donate it asap!
  • Seasonal: Winter coats aren’t going to be worn in summer, but you still love the piece , will wear it and couldn’t fathom getting rid of it then its to be kept. Place it out of sight ( under the bed or in the hallway cupboard) until the appropriate season rolls around.

Step 2

Now it’s time to get comfy with what you have left. The clothes that you absolutely adore. This in essence is your personal style. You would think that the next step would be to go on a shopping spree. But refrain. Live with what you have for a while to really establish what it is that you need in your wardrobe. You will get a feel for your true style. After  a while its time to head to the shops! Use this free wardrobe planner to help you.

What you must remember is that this is a lifestyle choice and that you will most certainly make mistakes along the way. Not to fret as that is part of the process. You’re only human after all. You’ll constantly be editing your wardrobe and finding what really works for you.

*A side note: if the thought of getting rid of all your clothes really freaks you out ( which is understandable) then bag them up and put them out of sight. This way you have a safety net if needs be but you don’t have to have all the clutter in your wardrobe. Eventually you can get rid of the clothes when you feel you no longer need the safety net.

What You Need In  A Minimal Year Round Capsule Wardrobe

It is important to note that each person is different and that what works for one will not necessarily work for another. Jessica Rose Williams has the perfect year round capsule wardrobe and this is what she has included in hers.


Source: Jessica Rose Williams 

Shoes can play a very important role in the look of an outfit. So why not start by choosing which shoes will be in your wardrobe. A pair of sneakers, boots, pumps, casual flats, heels and sandals are a good start. Then decide on your bottoms. Jeans, skirts, shorts and pants. How many and which styles will be up to you. Then decide on your t-shirts and blouses and how many you will need. It is important to remember that a capsule wardrobe is about simplifying your life. Remember accessories as well as jackets and coats. Use Jessica’s image above for guidance. It all depends on your personal style and what colours you like. 

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Have You Tried  A Capsule Wardrobe? Are You Inspired To?


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