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How To Find Your Passion As An Adult

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Finding your passion as an adult can be difficult. You may have lost track of what you are passionate about or do not carve out time for what you are passionate about. For most people as children they often dream and play dress up of being doctors, teachers, lawyers or police men. Some people are certain from the get go of what career they would like to follow in the future, others have an inkling and some have no idea. As a kid you could say that I did not conform to the norm. I wasn’t playing dress up pretending to be a doctor or teacher. Instead all I wanted to do was play sport. I was pushed to study and do well in my studies, which I did. But that didn’t lead me to find my passion.

Competitive by nature, definitely more so than others, I enjoyed sport so much as it gave me a chance to excel at something that I was really passionate about. I also enjoyed every aspect of pushing myself harder and competing with others to be the best.  I captained various teams and played provincially for various sports, but although I loved these activities I knew that I would never be able to forge a career from this passion. I had always been creative and so decided to pursue a career as a fashion designer.

After studying and working in the creative industry I thought I would love, I found myself dreaming of holidays and longing for weekends. By this stage I was designing and running my own clothing  boutique and initially it was fast paced and exciting. But the long hours and overwhelming responsibilities and stress meant I found myself in uncharted waters.  No longer being at university I was not surrounded by friends and the social events that come with being at uni. I worked long hours and often weekends. I saw people find their dream jobs, move to new and exciting cities, start new relationships and enjoying their lives. I on the other hand felt like I was moving in the wrong direction and not succeeding at all.

I saw people find their dream jobs, move to new and exciting cities, start new relationships and enjoying their lives. I on the other hand felt like I was moving in the wrong direction and not succeeding at all.

I was in a boring routine of eat, gym, work, sleep and repeat. My days were boring and uneventful and as a result were passionless. I knew that something needed to change.

I think that most people aren’t oblivious to the fact that their days are passionless. We can go days or even weeks on end without doing something that really excites us and brings us happiness. That is really terrible in fact. The issue is that we get into routines and just go with the flow, existing but not really living. We lack the energy. Thats what passion is. It’s an energy that makes us feel like we can conquer all and take on the world.  Oprah concurs and says that ” Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.


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By pursuing and practising your passions you are feeding an essential need that you require. You are allowing yourself to do something that brings you joy, makes you happier and will inadvertently make you a nicer person to be around. If you think of people who you know who are really passionate about something you will recall that they generally are happy people and that others are drawn to them.

Now having identified what was lacking in my life I knew that I needed to pursue something that would once again ignite a sense of wonder and passion in me.  Your passion doesn’t necessarily have to be your job,but it needs to be something that really brings you joy and allows you to be you.  A passion of mine is exercise and fitness, but I know that it will never be a career for me. Instead I incorporate exercise into my lifestyle to bring me happiness.

How to find you passion and what questions to ask? ( How I answered them)

What subject could you read 500 books on and not get bored? 

Travel, lifestyle, writing, beauty and fashion, fitness, cooking.

What did you enjoy doing as a child? 

Playing outside (any sporting activity), cooking and writing.

What makes you happy? 

Exercise, cooking, reading, shopping, being creative.

What would you do if money wasn’t an issue? 

Travel,  help people

Who do you envy the most due to the work that they do? 

Those who set their own work hours.

Answering these questions will help you to hone in on what you are passionate about. I definitely know that I am not passionate about certain things such as politics and designing my own clothing range. I will always remain informed and want to look good, but these things aren’t a priority. From my answers above you can see that there are some common themes:

  • Fitness
  • Cooking
  • Writing & Being Creative
  • Travel

I am happy to report that having established these themes I have now successfully been able to incorporate these passions into my adult life.

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Take Action

The most important thing I did to incorporate these passions into my adult life was to take action. By no means do you completely need to alter your life, but taking small steps to include your passions in your life will make you a happier and healthier person. This is how I took steps to include my passions in my life.

  • I started exercising more at home and running. I joined an amazing gym, F45, that has a sense of community and allows me to workout with others and be a little competitive.
  • I started cooking more at home and learning about different foods and how they could fuel me and make me feel better.
  • I started journalling and learning how to build blogs. I also followed blogs that focussed on my interests.
  • I moved cities and countries and aim to travel more because it brings me joy.

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The most important aspect of finding your passion as an adult is to ask yourself questions, then to take action an incorporate them into your daily life. Some passions will evolve and grow and become something else while others may remain relatively unchanged.  By incorporating exercise into my life and heading to F45, I have become fitter, lost weight and am much happier. I aim to get fitter and eventually manage unassisted pull-ups. Cooking more for myself has allowed me to get a better grasp of nutritional food as well as how to best fuel my body.  My love for writing and creativity has led me to creating The Mod Maven. My love for travel has meant that I have lived in different countries and that I am always willing to travel and meet new and exciting people.


By ensuring that I incorporate my passions into my daily life as an adult, I am definitely much happier , a better person for it and nicer to be around. By no means does your passion have to be your job, but you most certainly do need to find a way to make time for it and to fit it into your life. I hope that you too can wake up each morning knowing that you will have a chance to at some point in the day do something that brings you joy and gets you out of your own head.

Be patient with yourself. You won’t snap your fingers and everything will fall into place. It may take some time, practice and evolution to get to your passions. But it’s worth it in the end and you will thank yourself that you practised a bit of self love.

What Are You Passionate About?


  • Stunning story tһere. What occurred after?
    Good luck!

    • The Mod Maven


      Thank you. I quit the job, moved overseas and started the blog. Hope you find your passion.

      May- The Mod Maven

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