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10 Natural Remedies To Deal With Allergies This Spring

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Every year I look forward to spring. Mainly because it’s starting to warm up, but mostly because of all the beautiful blooms. I feel more energised and happier, until of course I am inevitably hit with dreaded allergies. All the dust and pollen around this time of year really affect me and my hay-fever and allergies go into over drive. Itchy eyes, so much so that I constantly look stoned, runny nose and a cough and itchy throat are what give me a love-hate relationship with spring. Although there are various medications you can  take in order to combat the symptoms, there are many natural ways to help you  deal with allergies this spring. See below for 10 natural remedies to deal with allergies this spring. 

Spring Clean

Dust and other irritants build up over time and come spring can be big contributors to your allergies.  It’s a good idea to dedicate a whole day to cleaning out all the nooks and crannies in a proper spring clean.  You’ve more than likely been putting it off, so now is as good a time as ever to deep clean your house. Especially if it means you’ll be less snuffly.


No you don’t need to go on a diet, but you do need to pay attention to what you are consuming. If you have any food allergies, such as dairy, then spring time could be even more unpleasant for you. It’s a good idea to head to your doctor and get an allergy test if you think you may be allergic to any food.

Certain foods on the other hand can really have a positive effect on your health and help alleviate some of the symptoms that you  experience with allergies. If you’re really congested then cayenne, chilli, garlic and onion could help with the congestion.

Source: Drica Pinotti on Unsplash

Apple Cider Vinegar

Is there anything apple cider vinegar isn’t good for! Not only is this miracle ingredient good for weight-loss, heartburn, digestion and skin,but it is very helpful for allergies too. Apple cider vinegar is said to reduce mucous production and cleanse the lymphatic system. That is why it is useful in treating symptoms of allergies. You will need a high quality apple cider vinegar that contains “Mother”. Mother is beneficial bacteria that is present in high quality unfiltered ACV brands. Mix a teaspoon of ACV in a glass of water and repeat three times daily.

Nasal Irrigation

If you’ve been swimming in the ocean and been dumped by a massive wave, then you’ll know the burning sensation of having salt water up your nose. A neti pot is an age old practice that is a little awkward, but definitely yields results. You can fully clear your sinuses by streaming a saline solution through your nostrils. Take note of the exact solution you use in the pot, and don’t wear any nice clothing as it can get a little messy! Definitely try this over the sink or in the shower.

Nettle Leaf

Nettle leaf is a natural antihistamine which prevents the body from producing histamine. Nettle leaves are typically consumed in tea form, but they are more effective for the relief of allergies when they are consumed in capsule form.


Not only is exercise essential for obvious reasons, but it can also aid in creating an anti-inflammatory effect in the nasal passage. Therefore reducing congestion and helping you to breath more easily.


I know being poked with small needles isn’t for everyone, but acupuncture is said to be effective in treating people who suffer from allergies. The age old traditional Chinese practise involves needles poking you in strategic places. Many people swear by the practice, and I think it is worth a try.

Essential Oils

Source: Christin Hume on Unsplash

Essential oils are great for combating allergies and sinus congestion.  Peppermint, olbus, eucalyptus and tea tree oil are among the favoured oils. They smell great and are easy to use. Use it with a diffuser or  kick it old school and place a few drops of the oil in a sink of boiling water, cover your head with a towel and steam for a couple of minutes.  Works like a gem either way.


Allergies are caused by an imbalance in the immune system. Therefore the body reacts too strongly to stimuli. Having beneficial and good bacteria in the gut is said to reduce the accurance of allergies.  You can take probiotics in pill form, or eat fermented food. Fermented foods include sauerkraut, kombucha and natural yoghurt.

Take A Hot Shower

I’ll always remember that my mom made us steam when ever we were sick. Not the most pleasant of tasks as a child, but it really does work wonders. The steam helps to clear the nasal passage and allows you to breath more freely. Taking a  hot shower at the end of the day, ideally as soon as you get home, will remove any pollen or allergens from your body and clothes that you may have accumulated throughout the day.

Have You Tried Any Of These Remedies Or Have Any Of Your Own? Let Me Know In The Comments Below.

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