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7 “Grown Up” Behaviours That Are Wasting Your Money

wasting money

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up I always put mile stones on what I should have achieved by a certain age. Things like I’ll have bought a house by the age of 27, I’ll be married by 25 and have had children by the age of 30. Anyone else? Completely unrealistic of course but as children we didn’t know what being an adult was like. Those are just things that we thought made us mature and adults. Fast forward to actually being an adult, and I can say not much has changed really. Much of what we think adult life and being mature is stems from out-dated ideas (that we may have gotten from our parents and grandparents) as well as pop culture. Many of these notions are unrealistic and don’t suit our lives, but even more so they are simply not possible financially.

I’m sure you have noticed that when it comes to products, we as adults are often made to feel that the higher the price the more of an adult we are. How messed up is that! Quite frankly how much money you have and how much you are able to spend has nothing to do with being an adult. Here are 7 “grown up” behaviours that are wasting you money.

Drinking Fancy Alcohol

wasting money

Sure drinking has become part of our culture and social events are heavily centred around it. But do we really need to be ordering bottles of Moet and super expensive drinks on a night out? As millennials much of our lives center around social events and drinking. Much more so that older generations. In fact a large portion of money ( more than we would like to admit) is spent on alcohol.  How often do you  actually stay home and drink? Socially I mean. Not often I’m guessing. Bars and restaurants know this and that is why alcohol is so much more expensive when you go out.  Even if you go out to eat ( which we do way more too by the way) it is very easy to add a drink , or a couple, on too. Growing up I was told that alcohol makes us more empowered and more of an adult. This is completely ridiculous. When I say told I mean influenced by pop culture. So to stop wasting money it is a good idea to cut down on drinking and especially all those fancy booze.

Living With Too Much Space

I for one don’t have this problem ( I live in the tiniest apartment ever), but many people tend to  waste money living in houses or apartments that are really way too big. Having a massive house or apartment in a specific area with a yard and chef-style kitchen doesn’t mean that you are an adult. Remember that the bigger the space the more maintenance and money you’ll be spending. Being an adult means living in a space that works for you and that you can afford.

Remember that the bigger the space the more maintenance and money you’ll be spending.

Living For The Weekend

wastin money

Yup. I’ve been guilty of this. We spend the week dreading each day and live for the weekend. Sounds familiar right? This has created a YOLO effect in that come weekend, we tend to spend more money than we should. Now don’t get me wrong, you deserve to spoil yourself once in a while. But going all out on the weekend, every weekend, will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. Most people typically do not socialise during the week and absolutely live for the weekend. This turns in to you celebrating a good work week or even a horrendous one. The best way to curb wasting money, unnecessarily, is to have one set social activity during the week. Not only will this break your week up but it will also make it more exciting. This will ultimately take some of the pressure off of the weekends. A good idea is to have a reoccurring event every week. Something like a  book club, game night or dinner with your girls would be great.

Having Too Many Clothes

Having certain wardrobes for different occasions? Guilty. As women we are bombarded with fashion inspiration in the form of specific day looks and specific night looks. This just means that we are left with a surplus of clothes that don’t get worn as much as they should. And not to mention all the money that we spend, and think we have to spend on clothes and these varying wardrobes. A great way to stop wasting money is to have a capsule wardrobe. You can learn how to make your ultimate capsule wardrobe here. What makes you look like an adult is being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Not the clothes on your back.

Wedding Parties

wasting money

Weddings are super expensive. Not just for the bride and groom but if you’re attending too. The costs all add up very quickly. Bachelorette, kitchen tea, matching bridesmaid dresses, a gift, manicure and pedicure and the list goes on. There are many ways to cut down on expenses but still have an amazing wedding. I have heard of many people who don’t have bridesmaids. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact would be bridesmaids might very well be sighing with relief as they don’t have to fork our money for a hideous dress that they’ll never wear again. The wedding industry is a huge industry and people are made to feel that if they don’t do all of these things then they won’t have an amazing wedding. There’s no point in going in to debt for one day. Instead set yourself a budget and have a wedding that suits you and your financial situation.

Overspending When Traveling 

Thanks, or not, to social media people’s lives are constantly on display. So many people want to experience the travelling that they see on social media. But honestly that is just not viable for everyone. Often people will go on holiday and put it all on their credit card. Oblivious to how much they are spending whilst travelling. They then return and are hit with a whopper debt that now needs to be paid off.  We tell ourselves that we don’t go on holiday enough so we need to  enjoy it as much as possible. And by enjoying it you mean carelessly spending money you don’t have. One of the best ways to save money in this area of your life is to take more weekend trips. This will give you the experience of having a holiday and when you do go on a bigger trip you won’t feel the need to go overboard. You will also save a ton of money if you avoid buying things whilst in transit. Seriously it is all marked up so highly. Your best bet would be to bring your own food or head to your local supermarket before you fly.

Accepting The First Price

It’s deemed somewhat taboo to speak about money, but honestly there are many instances that are causing you to waste money. More often than not the price of something is not fixed. For example, when you are offered a job you are more than likely able to negotiate your salary. Within reason of course. You could negotiate your gym membership fee, the new appliance you’ve been eying or even your cellphone contract. In order to do this successfully you need to do your research and state what other companies or products are offering. And more often than not you will get a better deal. Negotiation is key and you should not shy away from trying to get the best price possible for something. At the end of the day you will either be able to save yourself some money or you could be told no.

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wasting money

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