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6 Easy Ways To Make Friends As An Adult

making friends

make friends

Header image: Scarlett London 

Remember the days when you could just go and sit next to someone on the playground, share a sandwich and instantly become friends. Or play on the same sports team in high school and there you had your bestie who remained friends with you to university. Here making friends was easy as you were all in the same boat and going through new experiences together. Ah, those were the days.

But then you enter adulthood. And  you find yourself in a strange situation. Many good friends have moved cities, or countries, for jobs or love and you no longer have them with you. You find yourself alone and you don’t like it. Not one bit! But luckily it is not difficult to make friends as an adult. It doesn’t matter if you are your own boss, an introvert or work from home. Making friends as an adult doesn’t have to be difficult, stressful or awkward.  Having moved location, and countries I know a thing or two about how to make friends as an adult.

These tips will help making friends as an adult a whole lot easier. 

Connect With Co-Workers

Whether you are new to a city or not, making friends with your co-workers is a great place to start. You do after all spend 40 odd hours a week with them at work. Grab lunch together or a drink after work. That’s what happy hour is for,right?

If you work from home then it can be a little more difficult. Try working from a co-working space to meet like minded people. There are also various groups on Facebook where you can connect with like minded people. Who knows, you might find your BFF. 

make friends

Say Yes To Invites

I know that sometimes all we want to do is go home and sleep after a long days work or relax on the weekend. But this is not how you will make friends as an adult. Instead, when you are invited to something, say yes. This is the easiest way to makes friends as you are able to connect with people on a deeper level and you could even meet people you would’t have initially been introduced to. 

I had a friend who was leaving and she had a farewell party. I didn’t feel like going as I’d had a long work day but decided to go anyway. Here I met some great people and we became friends. If I didn’t go, I would never have met these people! So say yes, you might regret it if you don’t. 

Do Something You Enjoy

Think about what you enjoy doing in your spare time. Personally I enjoy exercising. The best place to meet like-minded people and to make friends is to join a group activity that you enjoy doing.  Joining a group exercise class is the perfect place to make new friends.  You sweat together and struggle through burpee after burpee together, so you already have something in common.  If exercise isn’t your thing then join an interactive class such as  cooking, salsa or even a sewing class. 

make friends

Source: With Love Allie

Be Social

Everyone is on social media today. You know that woman who always likes your photos on Instagram, and you always like hers? If you’re in the same area you should definitely organise to meet up over coffee. We all have that one person on Instagram that we would like to be friends with. Even if you don’t live in the same area or city, it’s always great to have a few online friends too. 

Ask For Introductions

Moving to a new city can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. If you know people who know people where you are moving to then ask to be introduced to them. This way when you get there you can start hanging out and make new friends and you won’t feel so lonely.

Re-Connect With Old Friends  

This is the easiest way to make friends. You already know these people but may have just lost touch. Head to LinkedIn or Facebook and see with whom you can re-connect. Send some messages and organise a meet-up. If you were friends with someone in high school but lost contact as you went to different universities, but now are living in the same area, send them a message and re-connect. 

make friends

Source: By Tezza

How have you been making friends as an adult?Do you have any tips?  Comment down below. 



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