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Cheap Travel Destinations You Need To Visit In 2018


cheap travel

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I am so happy that summer is now finally , well almost, in full  swing. I’ve already got an amazing trip planned in two weeks that I can’t wait to share with you. So stay tuned. But as you know, travel can be really expensive. I don’t think it’s something that we should be going into debt for. Luckily there are some amazing cheap travel destinations that will fulfil your sense of wanderlust and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Whether you are by nature frugal or are just looking for a cheaper yet still amazing holiday, these are the cheap travel destinations you’ve been waiting for.


Essaouira, Morocco

My Instagram feed has been filled with pictures from Morocco lately. It’s easy to see why it is so well loved.If you’ve already been to Marrakesh but desperately want to go back to Morocco, then why not try Essaouira.  This little walled city is only a day trip away from Marrakesh . Here you can expect to find delicious sea food, superb kite- surfing and great beaches to walk on. An added bonus is that there are now direct cheap flights from UK and France to Essaouira.

cheap travel destinations

Source: Heart My Backpack

La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz has been donned as one of South America’s best value places. Whether you are acclimatising ( it sits at 3360m), keen to learn some Spanish or are just up for a new adventure then La Paz is the answer. If you’re really trying to make you’re money stretch then you can definitely get by on less than $30 a day!  La Paz does have a fancier side to it too. There are various boutique hotels and upscale restaurants. Not to worry though as they are still much cheaper than what they should be. Spend your days meandering through colourful streets, hiking, biking and eating delicious food. Oh, and El Paz’s Alto International  Airport is the highest in the world. Sitting at 4061 m, that’s something to check off your bucket list.

cheap travel destinations

Source: South American Backpacker


Poland is not the top destination on many travellers bucket list. Somehow it has remained relatively undetected. Poland is very diverse and there is much to see. From stunning coastal scenery to rebuilt old towns. If you’re looking for a place that is fee from huge tourist crowds, has cheap transportation and food, as well as affordable accommodation then Poland is your answer.

cheap travel

Source: Insight Vacations 

Hunan, China

China travel really can be done cheaply. To explore somewhere a bit different that isn’t Shanghai, Beijing or Hangzhou, head to Hunan. Have you ever seen pictures of the world’s longest glass bridge? It’s located in Hunan. Whilst in Hunan you can also visit Fenghuang which is a beautiful historic town that literally hangs over the River Tuo.  As with most travel destinations in China, it is a good idea to visit touristy places during the week and especially not during any national holidays.

cheap travel

Source: Flickr

Tasmania, Australia 

If you’re looking for a holiday to a beautiful location filled with fresh air, stunning sights and is super affordable, then Tasmania is your answer. Tasmania really is over-looked. With its breath-taking scenery and neon southern lights, there are a million and one reasons to visit this slice of heaven immediately! 


cheap travel

Source: Girassol 

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey has been on my bucket list for the longest time and even more so now that it is super budget friendly. The Turkish Lira is even more so on the decline, and as a result travellers can really get their money’s worth exploring Istanbul. Istanbul is home to one of the worlds oldest markets that houses tasty food, mesmerising spices and more. 


cheap travel

Source: Thrifty Nomads

The Philippines

Beach -side bungalows, volcanoes,  white sandy beaches and absolute bliss are on every travellers list. The Philippines has all of this and more. Its breath-taking and absolutely beautiful.  With various islands to choose from you’ll never be bored. You can go hiking, canoeing, watch amazing sunsets and eat amazing food for cheap. The Philippines is super affordable and accessible. If you’re looking to head away from the tourists, then opt for a smaller tranquil island holiday.


cheap travel
Source: Phil Star


Montenegro really is Europe’s hidden gem. It may be small but it has majestic mountains, ancient Roman villas and great European culture. Sadly it is under visited, but with great prices and the ability to have an amazing holiday for cheap, Montenegro is a cheap travel destination you should be heading to asap!

cheap travel

Source: National Tours

Have you visited any of these places? What are other cheap travel destinations?

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