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Quick & Easy Beauty Tips For Girls Who Don’t Care About Hair & Makeup

hair and makeup

hair and makeup

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I love that everyone can be different and that means that we don’t all have to follow the same beauty regime or spend exorbitant amounts on makeup and hair products every month. For some women makeup and hair stresses are not at top priority.Or maybe they just don’t like to have to spend hours and a ton of money to look put together. Smart women! The less time it takes me to get ready and out the door, the better. I’m sure we’ll all admit that going makeup -free with messy hair is a great, somewhat liberating feeling. But at times we need to look somewhat put together.

I’ve found amazing tips for those who don’t like to fuss over hair and makeup, or simply those who want to look put together in the quickest amount of time possible.

Look After Your Skin

If you’re not a fan of makeup then you need to really take good care of your skin. You should be taking good care of your skin regardless, but not wearing makeup will mean that every blemish is on display. Ensure that you drink enough water and that you are using good skincare products that moisturise and keep your skin looking plump.

hair and makeup

Source: Simply Quinoa 

Get A Good Haircut

Never underestimate the power of a good haircut. It literally can change your whole appearance. By investing in a good haircut your hair will instantly look better and make you look more put-together. This means that you will need to spend less time styling your hair. In particular you should think about and choose a haircut that will air dry well.

Use A Multi-Purpose Base

If you’re strapped for time then get a base that is multi-purpose. It should have a SPF, coverage as well as be able to moisturise your skin.

Hats On

If you’re having a bad hair day and just don’t have time to wash it then pop on a hat. It’s amazing how a hat can instantly up the chic-factor in an outfit.

hair and makeup
Source: Channel Lissima

Curl Your Lashes

Sounds a little silly I know. But curling your lashes literally takes less than 20 seconds and it will help your eyes look more open. So even if you are tired curling your lashes can help make you look more awake. I like to place vaseline on my lashes and at their roots every night before bed. This provides moisture and nourishment and encourages them to grow.

hair and makeup
Source: Society 19

Get Rid Of Pimples Over Night 

I still swear by dabbing some toothpaste onto pimples at night before I go to bed. It helps to dry them out. Winner! Just remember to use warm water to wipe it off in the morning. 


Ah, I love Vaseline. Seriously it is so multi-functional its amazing. I love it so much that I even carry it with me at all times. Can’t be phased with high-lighting your cheeks and nose?Easy, dab on some Vaseline and you’re good to go. It also makes for a good lip balm.

Plait Your Hair

What you do with you hair before you go to bed can really save you time and effort come morning time. Plaiting your hair before bed will help it to not look like a birds nest in the morning, and by plaiting it you will have lovely effortless waves come morning time. 

hair and makeup

Source: Pinterest

Air Dry Your Hair

Avoiding applying heat to your hair will really help to keep your hair in a good condition. But if you are not taking the correct steps before allowing your hair to air dry then you could end up with a frizzy mane.  Here is a great tutorial that will help you to air dry your hair the right way. 

Tie Your Hair Up

By placing your hair in a chic low pony tail or bun, or even a messy bun on top of your head you will still look effortless yet chic.

hair and makeup

Source: Luxe Louu

Don’t Underestimate Lipstick

A bold lip can instantly make a statement. Even if you just have a little mascara and a bold lip, the results can be very powerful. I like to sometimes dab a little bit of lipstick on my cheeks too for a little colour.

Hair and makeup

Source: Society 19

Do You Have Any Beauty Tips?

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