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10 Ways To Get Out Of A Slump


Being in a slump isn’t great. But to put you at ease, it isn’t something that happens to a select few people. Most people will suffer from slumps at various stages in their lives. Even the happiest and most upbeat people. Luckily a slump doesn’t have to last and there are ways to get out of a slump. If the cold weather, illness or just general life is getting you down, then these ways to get out of a slump will definitely help you to feel like you again.


At times you may find yourself in a slump but have absolutely no idea why you are in a slump. Sound familiar?As hectic as life is, we often do not take time to slow down and connect with ourselves and our emotions on a deeper level.  I find that putting pen to paper really cathartic and it  normally helps me to express myself and I get a better understanding of why I am in a slump.


Talk About It 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when in a slump is that they think other people do not know how they feel. Remember that we are all human and that all of us experience slumps at some time or another. Talking about being in a slump with others will help you realise that you are not alone and that there is hope and that you can get out of the slump. They may even be able  to give you ideas as to what has worked for them to get out of a slump. 

Be Kind To Yourself

It is impossible to be happy 24/7. And so whilst you are in a slump it is important to remember that you are only human. Yes it may be difficult as you watch others absolutely crushing their lives. They’re excelling at work, financially as well as in other spheres of their lives. Focussing on these things will only make the slump worse. Be kind to yourself during this time. Show yourself some self-love. Open that bottle of wine, pop on a  face mask and give yourself a manicure at home. You will feel much better afterwards and will be able to start thinking of how you will get yourself out of the slump.

Take A Personal Day

It took me a long time to realise that there was nothing wrong with taking a personal day. I have previously thought I was in a slump but in fact I was just exhausted. I took a personal day and just slept. I can’t tell you how much better I felt the next day. I regained mental clarity and energy.  Being in a slump due to exhaustion is not good. So book off of work. Use your personal leave or sick leave. Just take a day off work to relax, recoup and have some much deserved me time. This means making no commitments to other people. No matter what you decide to do (catch up on your favourite series or sleep), you will feel much better for it.


One Goal

Life as it is is pretty darn stressful. I have found that if I try and take on too much that I find it overwhelming and that definitely puts me in an instant slump. If you need to achieve a goal you need energy and motivation. Doing too much will instantly sap those two elements. So to get out of a slump make sure that you set achievable goals and that you focus on one goal at a time. This way you are able to give your full attention, energy and motivation to one goal. You will be more efficient in your thinking and you will achieve your goal faster. It may be difficult to solely focus on one goal at a time, but by spreading yourself thinly trying to achieve too many goals at once, you will not only burn out but may never achieve any of the goals you have set. Achieve one goal and then go after your next goal.

Get Inspired

Once you have established the goal you will be focussing on and getting out of a slump, it’s time to get inspired. Find people who have achieved what you want to. Read books, blog posts and read success stories. Remember that it always seems impossible until it’s done.  Garnering inspiration will already make you feel better and you will begin to see the silver lining and ease yourself out of the the slump.

Create A Vision Board

I often find that when I set goals or am in a slump, or simply just need some more motivation or inspiration, I like to head to Pinterest. This instantly makes me feel better. But why not create an actual vision board. This is how you can easily create an amazing vision board.   

The best way to create a vision board is to grab a heap of magazines, sit in your bed and page through finding images that motivate you. Don’t pick images that are unrealistic as that will only make you feel worse. Place the vision board somewhere where you are able to see it every morning. This will remind you of your goals in life and set you in good stead each day.

Get Out And Move

Sometimes laying around the house all day can make your slump even worse. So head to your local coffee shop, take a stroll in the park or even go for a run. Exercise is known to give you endorphins and make you feel happy. You could even grab a friend and catch up over a coffee and a walk in the park.  If you’re not keen on exercising outside or in the gym then try one of these amazing home exercise.


Look Forward To Something

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I have something to look forward to my mood instantly perks up. Sometimes a slump will happen as you’re bored or a big event has just happened and now you don’t know what to do with yourself. By organising a holiday, meeting up with your girls or planning a party you will take your mind off of the negativity and slump and you will look forward to something that makes you happy.

Have A Plan 

Remember that having a goal and not planning how you will achieve it is merely just a dream. Make sure that your goals is S.M.A.R.T. Smart, measurable, attainable, realistic and timeous. If you do not have a plan as to how you will achieve your goal then that means that you will fail and make your slump even worse. As with viewing your vision board every day, it is a good idea to write your goal down and look at it every day. 

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 Have you every been in a slump? How did you get out of it? 




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