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8 Lazy Girl Butt Shaping Exercises You Need To Try

butt exercises

butt exercises

With summer here we will be focussing more on our bodies as they will be more on display. For many women getting a perky butt seams impossible. And where do you even start when it comes to butt exercises? Being fit and toned and having a well-rounded and perky bum will give you confidence to wear the clothes that you want to without being self-conscious of your behind. You may not really enjoy working out and maybe you’re a bit lazy. But that’s okay. You do not need to be a gym bunny to get fit and in shape. 

I know that it can be difficult to be consistent  and workout everyday as you may not have the time, or motivation. I’ve been there too don’t worry. But luckily there are some amazing exercises that will help you to shape your butt quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home. Try and set aside some time each day to work on your butt and you will soon start to see results. Let me know what you think of these exercises. 

10 Minute Butt Exercise

If you are new to exercising or are a little unfit then it is advised that you start slowly and exercise for a shorter period of time. This 10 minute butt workout is a great exercise to start with. As you get fitter you could up the repetitions and the frequency of your weekly exercises.

butt exercise

Source: Sweat Band

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Build That Booty

If you’re butt is on the flatter side and you’re really looking to build your butt then these exercises are great. Ensure that you are really engaging your glutes and that you do the movements slowly and do not rush through them. Do each exercise until you feel the burn and then do 10 more repetitions.  Do four rounds of these exercises and for the best results do this workout at least twice per week.

butt exercises

Source: Christina Carlyle 

5 Minute Booty Toner

This booty toner circuit takes only 5 minutes so there really is no excuse. Grab a  towel and work on that butt! What I love about this workout is that you do not require any equipment. So now you definitely do not have any excuses. It requires no equipment and takes only 5 minutes.

butt exrecises

Source: Gymra

Malibooty Workout

These simple yet effective exercises will get you that tight Malibu booty that you want. Repeat the set till failure.

butt exercises

Source: Tone It Up

10 Minute Booty Lift

This workout will do just what it says. Help to lift your butt. And it only takes 10 minutes so you can definitely fit it in somewhere in your day.

butt exercises

Source: The Live Fit Girls 

Thigh Trimmer & Butt Lifter

Why not kill two birds with one stone with these exercises. If you have a resistance band then these exercises are perfect to do. They do not take too long to complete and you will really feel the burn. You can use different strength resistant bands to make it easier or more difficult.

butt exercises

Source: Blogilates

Miracle Bubble Butt Workout

Looking for a miracle bubble butt? These are your go-to exercises then. They require no equipment and are easy enough for beginners. 

butt exercises

Source: Koboko Fitness

30 Minute Booty Pop Workout

If you have a little more time then this is a great workout to do once or twice a week. Ensure that you concentrate on your form. You can use water bottles if you do not have dumbbells. 

butt exercises

Source: Trimmed & Toned  

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butt exercises

Which Exercises Will You Be Trying?

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