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Affordable Tools To Automate Your Social Media

automate social media

If you have a business or are an aspiring blogger then you will more than likely spend a great deal of time on social media. If you are not on social media today then you basically do not exist. True story. Being present on various social media platforms is vital for the success of your business. But as you may well know, posting on social media can take a lot of time. And no one has time to spend hours per day posting on social media. 

So if you are looking to brand yourself correctly and are looking for a new full time job, are starting a new side hustle or just enjoy making your life easier then these affordable tools will help you to automate your social media. This way you will be consistent and always have engaging content, and you will have to spend less time glued to your phone!


Tailwind is an absolute life-saver. And honestly if you haven’t tried it yet, you’re definitely missing out! It is cheap and easy to use especially for small business and bloggers.  Tailwind works by scheduling posts for Pinterest and Instagram. It also allows you to see which content is doing well with the analytical system. With the collected data you will effortlessly be able to post on Pinterest and Instagram without having to constantly be manually pinning throughout the day. Additionally you will get greater insight into which content is doing well with your followers, what the best time of day is to post as well as which boards on Pinterest are best converting browsers into followers. 

Price: $9,99 p/month ( you can start a free trial here)


Boardbooster has specifically been designed as an automation tool for Pinterest. It allows you to re-pin from other boards as well as create loops to re-schedule and continue pinning your own content. It is important to have an active well curated profile in order to to attract people to what you are posting as well as to turn browsers into followers. Boardbooster can be a little tricky initially but everything is explained on the site. 

Price: From $5


Buffer is a great tool to use and have if you like to use Twitter. Twitter is a great place to gain credibility in your niche. As you peruse through Twitter you will come across amazing articles that you would like to share. Buffer allows you to save these articles and que them for future sharing. Buffer has a Google Chrome extension icon , that when clicked will instantly create a tweet-ready summary of the webpage you would like to share. 

Price: Free or $15 + for more options


Convertkit  is a real dream when it comes to dealing with email marketing, setting up email campaigns as well as managing your subscriber list. Having tried various other providers, I feel that Convertkit really is the best. If you are just starting out blogging I do not suggest that you use a free platform as they can be somewhat unreliable and you are limited to what you can do. Look at it this way, it’s $29 a month. That’s about 5-6 Starbucks Coffees a month. Skip the coffees and invest in yourself and business. You can easily set up email sequences, create new customisable opt-in forms and much more. What I really like about Convertkit too is that they are super helpful and get back to you immediately when you have a problem or need any help. They have an email and live chat support which makes your life so much easier. You can try Convertkit here. 

Price: $29 / month

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Later is a perfect tool  for those wanting to increase their reach on Facebook and Instagram. Everyone wants to right? It works by allowing you to upload images and content, perfect your hashtags and will post at times that are most suitable for your audience. The great thing about Later is that you can schedule your content for a couple of weeks and you could go on holiday.Meanwhile your readers would still be getting new relevant content. Brilliant! 

Price: Free or from $9 /month. 

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a great tool if you are looking to take your LinkedIn profile from average to the next level and become a marketing machine. It will help you engage with your network and grow your audience. It has the ability to identify key influencers as well as being able to generate leads. 

Price: $100 /year ( they offer a 14 day free trial)


Crowdfire works by helping you to optimise all your social media platforms. It began as an application to help you see how many people were following and unfollowing you each day, but has since grown. You can now link all your social media sites ( from Twitter to Etsy) and Crowdfire will suggest new ways that will help you to grow you audience. 

Price: Free or from $5,99 /month


IFTT stands for “If this then that.”  This is a free service that works by allowing your most used tools to communicate with each other so to speak. All you have to do is link all your social accounts and set up some rules. You will create “recipes” that when one action is taken it will cause another action to be taken. So for example, you can set up a rule that if you save a post on one site it will automatically be saved in a que to be posted to another site. The options are endless. 

Price: Free

How do you plan to automate your social media? Which tools will you be adding to your list? 

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