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14 Healthy Food Swaps That Make Eating Healthy Easy

food swaps

Many people think that being healthy and eating a healthy diet means eating foods that don’t taste so great. They think that they will be deprived if they eat healthily. Luckily that is not the case. If you’re looking to lose some weight without even trying or would like to just be healthier, then these healthy food swaps will make eating healthy very easy.

Stevia Instead Of Sugar

Sugar is really addictive and often can be very difficult to give up if you consume  it on a regular basis. Not only is it addictive but it gives you nothing nutritionally. Stevia is a great sugar replacement as it is naturally low in calories and contains nutrients such as phosphorus, vitamin c and iron. Consuming sugar will spike your insulin and as a result give you a high. You will crash after a high and will want to reach that high again. Therefore craving more sugar. Stevia does not do this.

Free Sugar Substitute Chart

Dairy-Free Milk Instead of Milk

By now you know that you do not in fact need dairy in order to get your calcium.Cows milk contains hormones that negatively affect your digestion, cause mucus to build up and cause general inflammation in the body. Nut milks are a better alternative and they can easily be made at home. Great tasting nut milks are hazelnut, almond, cashew and almond milk. Follow the steps below to easily make your own milk at home.

Source: Clean & Delicious

Sparkling Water With Fruit Instead Of Soda

If you want something a little more interesting  than plain water then try drinking sparkling water with some freshly squeezed lime or lemon. It’s instantly refreshing and tastes great. You could also try adding some fruit to your water for flavoured water.

Coconut Milk Instead Of Dairy Cream

Cream is very high in fat, and it is dairy  so can have negative affects on your body. Rather use coconut milk in your curries and soups.

Creamy Sweet Potato Coconut Soup 

Dates Instead Of Candy

Dates are delicious, gooey and taste absolutely amazing. They really are natures candy. Instead of eating sugar-laden candy,eat natures candy. Eat them as is or dip them in some nut butter for a little something extra.

Raw Unsalted Nuts Instead Of Roasted Salted Nuts

Roasted nuts become rancid. This means that they can cause inflammation, damage cells and even cause you to age. Instead of eating roasted salted nuts opt to eat raw unsalted nuts. Too much salt is not good for the body. It dehydrates you and upsets the mineral balance of your body.

Homemade Popcorn Instead Of Store-Bought Popcorn

Store-bought popcorn is filled with many additives and therefore chemicals. Eliminate putting chemicals in your body by making your own popcorn at home. You will be making a healthier choice as store bought popcorn can be high in calories.

Delicious home made popcorn

food swaps

Source: NHS 

Olive Oil & Balsamic Instead Of Processed Dressings

There are so many additives in salad dressing. Many that you cannot even pronounce. A good rule of thumb is that if you cannot pronounce the word then you should not eat it. Keep it simple with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for your salads.

Oatmeal Instead Of Cereal

It is important to start the day off right. Many cereals are very high in sugar and do not offer many nutrients. Oatmeal is a great way to start the day  as it has many health benefits. It is high in fibre so will keep you fuller for longer. It is a great food to eat if you are trying to lose weight. Oatmeal also has great heart benefits too!

Healthy Overnight Oatmeal Recipes 

Eat Whole Fruits Instead Of Drinking Fruit Juices

Fruit juices often have various other additives which make them an unhealthy choice. Instead choose to eat the whole fruit as you will be getting all the nutrients in the whole form. Fruit juices are high in sugar. This sugar does nothing for you except cause you health problems. Whole fruit contains water soluble and insoluble fibre which means that the sugar will slowly be absorbed into the blood sugar. Therefore you won’t experience a sugar high and low as when you drink a sugar laden fruit juice.

food swap

Eat Brown Rice Instead Of White Rice

White rice has been refined and therefore stripped of all its goodness. Rather eat brown rice as it contains more nutrients.

Pack Lunch Instead Of Eating Out

You’re more than likely going to make an unhealthy choice at lunch time if you choose to eat out. You’re hungry, don’t have a lot of time and you want something fast. This normally means that you are not looking for the healthiest option but rather the quickest. If you pack your own lunch you will know exactly what you are eating, you will be saving money and you can be healthier.

Top tip: Prepare your lunch the night before after you have eaten dinner. As you have a full stomach you are less likely to prepare something that is unhealthy for lunch. Here are some great healthy lunch options.

food swaps

Eat At The Table Instead Of At The TV

It is important to be aware of what you are eating and how it makes you feel. If you eat in front of the TV you are oblivious to your hunger signals and therefore you are more than likely going to overeat. You should ideally stop eating just before you are full. Sitting at a table will allow you to focus on your meal and on your body.

Use Greek Yoghurt Instead Of Sour Cream

Sour cream is high in fat. But if you are craving some sour cream on your burrito add a dollop of greek yoghurt instead. You will cut the fat and increase the protein.

Eat On A Small Plate Instead Of A Big One

By nature we would try and fill a larger plate. More often heaping on more food than we actually need. By eating on a smaller plate you will consume fewer calories. If you are still hungry after one plate you can always go back for another.

Which healthy food swaps are you going to try?

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