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The Ultimate In Flight Beauty Hacks

in flight beauty hacks

in flight beauty routine

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Whether you’re a frequent flyer or not, flying long haul flights can really take a toll on your skin. It can just take one flight to leave your skin in an absolute tizz. I for one am always so amazed at how all the passengers look tired and sometimes worse for wear whilst the air hostesses are the picture of health and beautiful skin at the end of each flight.  They have many tricks in the arsenal, but I just can’t help but wander what they are.

As you know your whole skincare routine will not fit into your carry on. Even if you were able to fit all your products in those plastic little bags, would you really apply all of the products? And would they even help? Whether you have amazing trips planned or not ( these are the cheap travel destinations you need to visit this year), these in flight beauty routine tips will help you keep your skin in good condition so that you can arrive at your destination fresh-faced and glowing like the air hostesses do.

Drink Water

Drinking water whilst in-flight is so important. Not only will it keep your skin moisturised and hydrated but it is also vital for important bodily functions. Due to many factors and air pressure our bodies tend to retain more water when flying. Have you noticed how your ankles and fingers may swell when flying? This isn’t good, so ensure that you are drinking lots of water to aid with circulation and to flush out any toxins. Plane food can also be quite salty so make sure to drink your water. A good idea is to take your own water bottle and ask a flight attendant to fill it up. This way you won’t have to constantly be calling them to bring you more water. 

Avoid Alcohol

Hitting up the free alcohol in flight is fun, but will do more harm than good.  The lower cabin pressure diminishes the bodies ability to absorb oxygen and therefore you will more than likely get drunk faster than you normally would. Alcohol dehydrates you and coupled with the dry air in the cabin you will get dehydrated much faster. So it is best to drink water or tea and to avoid alcohol or at least keep it to a bare minimum. 

Don’t Wear Makeup

As the air is very dry on board this will cause your skin to become drier. Wearing very heavy foundations coupled with low humidity and dry air could cause you to break out. It would be best for you to moisturise or apply a mask. If you do not want to go makeup free then opt to use BB-creams and oil-based makeups that will moisturise the skin. 

Apply A Mask

One tip that flight attendants swear by is using a mask. They fly so frequently so they ensure that they use a good mask 2-3 times a week. You can apply a mask on your long haul flight. If thats too bold for you then you could apply a mask pre and post flight to ensure that your skin is well moisturised. 

Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Keeping your skin moisturised is so important, if not the most important. If there’s one thing you do in flight, it should be to moisturise. The dry circulated air in a plane really dries out your skin and you will notice this quite quickly. Your skin will feel taught. Don’t be afraid to slather on the moisturiser. 

Green Tea

Green tea is great to drink whilst flying as it will keep you hydrated and contains caffeine so will give you that extra boost. Opt to drink green tea instead of coffee as coffee dehydrates you. 

Deep Condition Your Hair Pre Flight

The lack of moisture on flight will take a toll on your hair too. Avoid frizzy and dull hair at your arrival destination by applying a hair mask that will deep condition and moisturise your hair pre-flight. 

Spray It

Theres something really refreshing about spritzing your face. Rose water is ideal to keep your skin hydrated. Choose one that permeates through your moisturiser or makeup. 

What is your in-flight beauty routine? Comment below.

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