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13 Acts Of Self-Care To Try Now

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This week has been a pretty gruelling one. Wether it’s been having to meet deadlines at the office or simply just a busy schedule, it was a demanding week. Although so often we want to achieve all of the tasks set up on our schedule, but we unfortunately overlook a very important aspect. That is our physical and mental health.

We tend to put these on the back burner and try and power through with late nights and excessive amounts of coffee. But no matter how much we try, we cannot simply ignore that allowing yourself time to properly engage with your mental and physical well-being is as vital as checking off all the items on your to-do list. Working flat-out and not taking care of yourself holistically will lead to burnout and a great sense of being overwhelmed. Making time for yourself may seem a luxury, but it is in fact a necessity.  There are various ways to relax and refresh and re-set your mind. Here are 13  acts of self care to try now. 

Create Your Own At Home Spa Experience

Is there anything a spa day can’t fix? Instead of dishing out on a spa day why not bring the spa day to you. Fill the tub, pop on a mask and some music and hop in the bath for a nice soak. This is a real treat (and well-deserved) as we are often too busy to spend time soaking in the bath. Then give yourself a great manicure from home and continue to relax.

Spend The Day Reading

Grab your favourite book and head to the comfiest area in your home and get cozy. If its a beautiful day outside then head out and gets some sun. There are so many amazing books out now, so choose one that really grabs your attention and that you struggle to put down.

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Contact A Friend You Don’t Get To See Often

Friendships are so important and as adults I think we come to accept that we are so busy and don’t always make the time to see friends. Contact your old work friend or a colleague you no longer see as often. Catch up on what has recently been happening in each others lives and reminisce on the great times you had. If you are struggling to make friends as an adult, then don’t worry, it just takes some time and a little effort on your part. 

Visit Your Favourite Place In Your City On Your Own

Remember that there is nothing wrong with being your own company. It’s actually healthy  to be on your own sometimes. Head to your favourites spot in your city. It may be a cute coffee shop with a cafe or a great area of a park you love. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you head there on your own. This way you’ll have time to spend time on your own and really listen to your thoughts.

Cook And Eat A Healthy Meal

Mornings normally consist of skipping breakfast, chugging down a cup of coffee and dashing around trying to find your keys before zipping out the front door. Show yourself some self care and love and cook yourself a healthy and hearty breakfast. Pinterest breakfasts aren’t just for Pinterest. Here are some delicious recipes to try. You’ll feel amazing afterwards and will be ready to start your day.

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Do An Exercise You Enjoy

Exercise is a great way to get in touch with yourself. It is after all vital for good health. But not everyone enjoys going to the gym. You could workout from home, walk around the block or take a dance class. Whatever it is, it will make you feel better and you’ll finish feeling great with a new sense of energy.

Take  A Guilt-Free Nap

After a long, hard and stressful week you deserve a nap. There’s no need to feel guilty as you’ve earned it. Attending  a social event or simply thinking you need to be doing something often stops us from taking much deserved naps. Take the nap, wake up, feel amazing and don’t feel guilty.

Disconnect From Your Phone

We live in a society where a phone is like another appendage. Who ever leaves the house without a phone or does anything without having their phone on them? We spend so much time staring at our phone screen when we could in fact be meeting amazing people or seeing exciting sites.

Stay In Your Pj’s All Day

If you have nothing planned for the day, whip on your comfiest pj’s and lounge around. Allowing yourself to relax and be comfortable is a great act of self love to let your mind and body relax.

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Pick Up A Hobby You Miss

Hobbies are so important and they remind us of what really makes us happy when money is not involved. If it’s scrap-booking, trying new recipes or writing short stories, do what makes you happy as often as possible. It’s good for your mental health and will make you so much happier. 

Listen to An Inspirational Podcast

Having recently just having gotten into podcasts, I can really say that I wish I found out about them earlier. Taking an hour or so to catch up on something I did’t know or something thats purely just entertaining is a great way to relax and show yourself some self-care. 

Binge Watch Your Favourite Series

Is there anything better than staying in your pj’s all day and binge watching your favourite series. It’s one of my favourite ways to relax and unwind and every so often its  a great act of self care. You can relax and you don’t have to stress about anything else other than what’s actually going on in the series. 

Compliment A  Stranger

Something as simple as complimenting a stranger can really make you feel better. I for one instantly feel better when a random stranger compliments me. It restores my faith in mankind.

How Do You Show Yourself Some Self-Care?

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