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Hello, I’m May and I run  The Mod Maven. A blog created for the modern day woman seeking to better her life in all spheres.  As modern woman we are expected to be experts in all aspects of our life, and so The Mod Maven is a hub of inspiration and information where you will find all the answers and hacks to dealing with life and ultimately  living your best life.

I created The Mod Maven as I am constantly seeking to improve my lifestyle in all spheres. When I find amazing recipes,  DIY hacks or new fashion trends to try I want to share it with others seeking to improve their lifestyle too.

So whether you want to add to your your cooking repertoire, travel to amazing destinations, land your dream job, learn some lifestyle hacks and improve your lifestyle then The Mod Maven is your guide to achieving this. The Mod Maven is your one-stop source of information.

A Bit More About Me:

I hail from beautiful South Africa and return every year to visit. I currently live in China. I know I might be biased, but  really, Cape Town is a beautiful place. By trade, and what I studied at university, I am a Fashion Designer. This is probably the reason I have so many clothes and shoes! I’m a total optimist and believe that there is always a silver lining. I love dogs, I have two yorkies and they are total sweethearts. I love spending time outdoors and enjoy all sport. I love writing, and get to do so every day on The Mod Maven.  I’m obsessed with 80’s rock, tapas platters and black, white and grey. The one thing I hope to do more of is travel. I’m an adventure junkie and I’ll jump out of an airplane , but sadly haven’t ticked that one off the list yet. I once stood on a train for 19 hours….. but that’s a long story.

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