Ladies & gents, let’s talk about self-care!

When was the last time you invested in yourself?

If you had to think about that for more than 30 seconds….it is time my friends for some beautiful, soulful, self-care chat.

Listed below are my favorite items that personally have been positive towards my self-care regime. They are sure to leave you and your wallet happy!  Enjoy!



Engaging in “thinking games” such as sukoku or crosswords can melt the stress away and help you stay in the present moment by focusing on what’s in front of you.  It also supports mental stimulation, which is just as important as physical exercise.  You can find puzzle books for under five dollars, it’s a win win for everyone.




Our brain associates different scents with certain emotions and some fragrances in particular have physical & psychological benefits.  Aromas including lavender, vanilla, camomile, and peppermint are known to aid in relaxation.  Try lighting a candle while you get ready for bed or as you read a book!  I also recommend shutting the lights off to have a few minutes to unwind and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.   Pictured is the Mahogany teakwood candle from White Barn.  It is my absolute favorite, but obviously go with what appeals to your senses!




As well as being creative and mentally stimulating, learning how to play a musical instrument  can help you master the skills of patience and concentration.  In some cases it can actually be a social experience for some people if they choose to play in a group setting.  Once you learn, you can have the pleasure of taking time to enjoy making music.  This ukulele was a saving grace.  I purchased it for 27 dollars on amazon, and since then have delved into more YouTube tutorials then I care to admit, but it was all worth it!  When I am stressed or feeling weighed down, I take an hour to myself and either play songs that I’ve learned or try to add a new song to my growing set list.  Whether its a ukulele or a bagpipe, get your jam on.




Great facial care is a great way to treat yourself.  The mask on the left is a charcoal based mask from Origins that opens and cleans your pores.  I recommend wrapping your face with a hot towel first and then apply this mask, after 10 minutes wash with warm water.  Hello new found glow and clean skin!  My other favorite that I use once a week is the LUSH Mask of Magnanimity.  This china clay mask with fresh peppermint exfoliates and gets my skin feeling squeaky clean.  The ingredients are all natural and don’t leave that harsh feeling on your skin afterwards.  Both of these I highly recommend and both products are under twenty dollars.  There are so many facial masks out there so don’t be afraid to dabble with other brands, just remember to look at the ingredients! The more natural and fresh the ingredients, the better it will be for your skin!



Meet my best friend.  Honestly, purchasing a foam roller was one of the better choices I have made in my 24 years of existence.  I bought this beauty from WalMart for under twenty dollars.  Essentially after each workout your muscles tighten, the foam roller breaks down adhesions and scar tissue in your muscles and connective tissue.  I use it before and after every gym sesh and have noticed a tremendous difference in how I feel the day after an intense workout.  Obviously it is not a quick fix for serious injuries, but it is a great way to prevent an injury by taking care of your muscle and connective tissue.  It rolls the unwanted stress away both literally and figuratively.

product 2



Easy. 5 items that make you feel like you are indulging and treating yourself without the financial burden that follows.  Now, go ahead with ya bad selves and get your self-care on!  Much love.